2 December 2015

Day two non beauty advent calendars

We are back to my non beauty advent calendars and I have to admit that every year there is one advent calendar that ticks me off and this year it may well be swiggle.
I had a very big argument with their item today and that has left me in a grrr mood.
But here are the contents of my swiggle, tinc and busy bees advent calendars today.

But before my smiggle I opened my tinc which had another cute character on the door. A lot of their products have these characters and to me they are so cute.

Inside the door today is a badge and it is pretty sweet and unisex. 

Then comes my smiggle calendar and to be honest when I saw how uneven the shape of the door was I should have knew that I was in for a fight. 
And I was.

This is the item that fought with me. It is a smiggle scented lollipop highlighter in a light green colour. It is nice enough but when removing it there was a fight as the lollipop head got stuck and the stick detached leaving me covered in green highlighter. Grr.
Granted that the item stayed in place but it was a nightmare to remove.

The final calendar to open of my non beauty today is the busy bee candles advent calendar. 

Today's melt is in the scent Christmas cookie and it has a sweet scent which would be very pleasing over the holiday season but is also great all year round. A really nice scent to try.

So, a bit of a mixed bag in terms of items from my non beauty advent calendars today. I really like all three and despite my fight my favourite thing today is the highligher, followed by the wax melt then the badge. 


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