22 December 2015

Day seventeen non beauty advent calendars

And we are onto day 17of the non-beauty advent calendars I am sorry I'm running a bit behind but hopefully I will catch up soon and I will hopefully getting all of them up by Christmas.
But here are the day 17 items for tinc, Smiggle and busy bee candles.

First is busy bee candles.

Inside is Hollyberry which smells like trees.
This is really great scent to have this time of the year with Christmas trees in the house.
It also means that if you decide to have a Artificial tree you will still get the scent of Fir Trees in your house without having the threat of the drop of Pineneedles.

Next is tinc and it continues with the theme of Christmas trees as there is a lovely Christmas tree with a baubles on the door today.

Inside it is a small green crayon that you can wear on your finger.
I really like the concept and the fact that even my son would be able to use one of these and I think you would enjoy using it.
I think on that idea I am going to give it to him to go in his stocking this year.

And the Final advent calendar for my non beauty advent calendars for the 17th is by smiggle 

Inside is a blue pen. Which isn't very exciting I have to admit.

There are all my items and  probably my favourite is the finger crayon followed up by the scent melt which is then followed by the pen.
Not one of the most exciting days but hopefully the 18th will be more exciting.
Thank you for reading

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