4 December 2015

Day four non beauty advent calendars

And, finally today here are my non beauty advent calendars which are, in my opinion, a lot better than the single brand advent calendars.

Another festive door for busy bee candles and I look forward to using these when I am feeling better.

Today's wax melt was in the mulled wine scent and it smells really nice and fruity and I look forward to melting it when I feel better.

Next is smiggle and thankfully today there was no fight and it was a large aperature today.

Inside is a rather pretty pen that looks like it is wearing a pretty top and skirt and it is probably one of my favourite items this year. Really useful yet sassy.

Finally is tinc.

In there is this elf eraser. He is very cute and I have to admit I am not sure if I can use him. Although, I did learn that unfortunately if you aren't careful that you can pull his head off.

So, there are my non beauty items today and it's been a great day for non beauty items. I might put the eraser on show though but will definitely use both the pen and the melt.

Thanks for reading.

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