9 December 2015

Day eight non beauty

I can feel another rant coming on with my non beauty advent calendars and I feel bad for tinc but in the realm of advent calendars I have never had this experience and I have been unboxing the beauty ones for two years and had chocolate ones for more years than I can remember.
But back to my review and another day of the mysterious invisible tinc item:

First is smiggle and although I prefer the design on tinc as I think that the smiggle design looks younger this design is starting to really grow on me and I like how cheery it is.

Today I have received a little notepad which will be fab for my handbag or I will give it to Edward to doodle on or as a huge book for his playmobil people (lol, which is probably what will happen).

Next today is from Busy Bee candles. This is a wax melt advent calendar from a small candle company in Wales. So far, all the products have been great and the throw is amazing so I really look forward to using all these festive scents.

Like the christmas kitchen scent that was behind today's door. In this I can smell spice as well as cookies and it is a lovely festive foodie scent.

The final door today is tinc and it has a long and thin aperature.

And inside is the invisible item. I have been told it is a green pen but I will have to retrieve it at the end of advent.
And there I will leave it as I don't want to moan and groan.

So, there are my two non beauty items for the eighth of December and I really like both. 
The book will probably end up as a playmobil accessory and I am good with that especially as the melt smells delicious and is right up my street as I love the festive foodie fragrances.

Looking forward to tomorrow and hoping for three items though.


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