11 December 2015

Day nine non beauty advent calendars.

Today there will be less moaning and groaning because I have actually received three items on my non beauty advent calendar.
But enough of that and here are the items that I received on the ninth day of advent for my non beauty advent calendars:

First today is Smiggle and this has a snowman on the door for today.

Inside is a stamp which also has a maze on the side of it. I think my son will enjoy this because in general if he gets hold of ta stamp he generally stamps it everywhere. I don't actually mind that though and I think I will give this to him.
I am not 100% percent sure that my husband will be very happy with that, but never mind.
My item, my choice.

Next today is tinc and this has a small aperture.

Inside it is a jewel and there is a magnet on the back. I will probably attach this to my fridge and it will be a nice thing to hold up papers or letters that I get from bean's school.

Finally today is busy bee candles Advent calendar. This is a wax melt calendar.

Today is the melt in the scent Mulberry.
This has a fruity scent I wouldn't say that it is particularly festive but to me that is a good thing in a way because it will be a good all year round scent and it's nice to have some non-festive scents too.
Another great day though, and I really look forward to using these melts when I am feeling a lot better.

So, there are all my items today and all in all I am extremely happy. I particularly like the maze stamp and I think that my son will like it too. The magnet is going to be useful too and I really like the scent of the melt so it is definitely a win win day.

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