16 December 2015

Day eleven non beauty advent calendars

Sorry for the long delay.
This is my day 11 non-beauty Advent calendar review.
Here are the items that I received:

First today is tinc and it will be a short review as once again there was no item. 
At the end of advent I will take the back of the advent calendar off and take all the items that have fallen through the back out. So there will be a lot of presents on Christmas Eve.

The second Advent calendar that I have opened today is smiggle and thankfully there is an item in this today. 
But to be honest I do actually like this advent calendar a lot as there is a lot of variety, which is fabulous.

And in todays door there was a whistle. I love the design on this whistle and think that it is very very cute.
I will not be giving it to my son though because I have a feeling that he would make a lot of noise and right at the moment I'm still trying to recover from the virus that I've had since the middle of November.

The final advent calendar today is the busy bees Advent calendar.

Inside the advent calendar today is the melt in the scent Jack Frost. This smells fresh and also has a hint of fruit to it.

So there are my two items for 11 December and to be honest I like both of the items. Although my preference today would be the whistle then the scent melts. 
I know that the scent melts seem to be coming second but I really enjoy the scent melt advent calendar but I enjoy the stationary more. Plus I didn't actually purchase the advent calendar for the scent melts as I received it as part of my subscription.

They are my items for the day 11. 
I hope you are having a lovely day. 
See you soon.

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