4 December 2015

Day four multi brand advent calendar

Another day, another mini beauty box of items for me (that is how it is feeling now) and I am just glad that I have mostly managed to keep up as I have to admit that this has been a busy week and it is about to get busier as I have plans with my family this weekend.

But back to the advent calendar. Here are the items that I received in my advent calendars from m and s, youbeauty and lookfantastic today:

The first item today comes from Marks and Spencer, whose advent calendar is rather unique in that all the items come in these boxes, which are super cute in my opinion.

It was another light and small item today and at first i thought it was a lipstick but no it was this pur Volume Vixen 4 in 1 mascara.

I have a lot of mascaras but this one does interest me as according to the packaging this mascara 'delivers false lash volume, seperation, strength and length' and to be honest part of me wants to try it as beauty products that say that have such far reaching effects rarely live up to the hype.

Next one to open today is youbeauty and it has another strange shaped aperature.

Inside is 14.7ml bottle of the Sally Hanson complete Salon Manicure in shade 240 Deck the Halls. I have had nail varnish from this brand before and really liked them so I am looking forwarrd to using this one and a glittery purple is a great staple colour for the holiday season.

Next is the lookfantastic and it has a description on the door that makes me think that it could be a hair item again. Wonder if only hair items warrant a description?

Inside was this 30ml tube of Redken diamond oil deep facets. According to the packaging this is after shampooing hair mask that you leave on your hair for 5 to 15 minutes and is an oil enriched intensive
treatment for dull and damaged hair.
For me this is great as I have very long hair that can get dry and damaged so this will be really useful.

So, there are my items from my multi brand advent calendars and it's been a good day. For me the mascara is the item I am least excited about but I look forward to using them allbut especially the hair mask and the nail varnish.
Thankyou for reading.


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