5 December 2015

Day five non beauty advent calendars

I have to say that I am sorry that these are coming out late but I am struggling with a virus at the moment which is leaving me exhausted but I will try to get them up as quickly as possible, but I also may come back and edit too if I think things needs correcting when my head is a little clearer.

And to that point here is my non beauty advent calendars for 5th December.

The smiggle advent calendar door is again nice and colourful and it is a fair size aperature again.

Today in smiggle is a little animal eraser, which is really sweet and a fair size. I will probably keep this for when my son starts school in September as it will be lovely for him for when he starts school.

Next is smiggle and it is another fair size aperature.

Inside is a blue crayon that you put on the end of your finger. I will definitely give this to my son as part of his stocking as at the moment we are going through the scribble stage of him learning to write and this would be great for him to doodle with.
A really great item today.

Finally is my busy bee candles advent calendar, which is full of wax melts.

Today the scent is Snow Berries and this has a fruit scent which also has a rather 'fresh' or 'cold' scent to it. I really like it and as I am a particular fan of either festive or fruity scents this really appeals to me.

So, there are today's non beauty items and they are really good for my son so I am really pleased.

Roll on tomorrow.


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