17 December 2015

Day twelve non beauty advent calendars

The first advent calendars that I will review for the twelfth of December are these non beauty advent calendars

First I will start with smiggle and today we have a cute design with small children on the front.
The design on this is really sweet and I have actually got more and more attached to it over time.
There is a large slot today and that makes me wonder what is inside.

So the item today is this ruler and it will be really useful and I will probably give it to my son when he starts school in September.
It has a nice blue colour and has some really useful stencilled shapes. I particularly like the hearts and the numbers.

Next is the busy bee candles advent calendar.

Today's melt is in the scent Christmas comfort. To me this has a hot zesty scent and I can also smell fruit. It is right up my alley and I think I will really enjoy using this melt.

The final advent calendar today is tinc and sadly once again today there is no item in my advent calendar.

For the 12th day for my non-beauty advent calendars I have had a bit of a mixed day. For me Smiggle was a really good day and I really like the ruler and the melt is really nice, especially as it is a spice and fruit melt.
But it is beginning to irritate me that tinc often has no items in the advent calendar because they fall through into the back. I think if it happened once or twice it wouldn't be so annoying but it seems to be on a roll.
So annoying.


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