24 December 2015

Day twenty multi brand advent calendar

Here are my day 20 multibrand advent calendars.

The first advent calendar is Marks and Spencers.

This is 75 mL of the Verbena shower gel by l'occitane. To me this smells like a fruity floral scent and it will be lovely to use as it isn't too floral.
The l'occitane website says that this is a body shampoo for both men and women. It contains the essential oils of Verbena, orange, geranium and the lemon tree to smooth and nurture even the most sensitive skin and permeate the room with a winning aroma.

Next is youbeauty.

This really pleases me as it is a two for one day as we have received the Philip Kingsley bodybuilding shampoo and conditioner. This is for fine, limp Or fly away hair types.
It also doesn't smell like the elasticizer  which is a bonus for me as I do not like the elasticizer. Instead it has a clean scent which will make my hair smell clean and fresh, I hope.

Finally there is lookfantastic.

I am totally in love with this molten brown black peppercorns body wash.
We have used this before and having a 100 ml size bottle is really good as that will last a while.
This is great for all the family and has a spicy scent which is really great this time of the year when the weather is cold.
I will really enjoy using this.

There are my items today and for me the shampoo and conditioner would be first, as I love that I got a surprise that I have both the shampoo and conditioner, followed by the Molton Brown, because I know the scent and love the scent, then the verbena shower gel from l'0ccitane.
Thank you for reading

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