8 December 2015

Day seven single brand advent calendars

Hopefully today I can get up-to-date. I know that I am slightly behind but here are my single brand advent calendars.

First is Clarins today. It has a small aperture today and from the shape and size of the aperture today I think this is a make up item.

And just as I thought today we have instant lip balm perfector from Clarins.
According to the Clarins website this is a melting gel lip balm with a sweet taste. It will give you four hours of non-stop hydration and will also help the lips look fuller and also look perfectly shaped according to the website.
It is in shade 01 and Rose, which may be a little light on my lips and is in a small sample size. 

As well as the Clarins I have also opened the Ciate  advent calendar. The aperture today is a nail varnish size.

Inside is a 5ml bottle of ahoy sailor which is a sea green/blue colour. It will be a lovely colour for the spring summer and I will really enjoy wearing it then.
Such a great pastel colour.

So, there are my advent calendar items for my single brand advent calendars. I will really enjoy both of these items in the spring summer.

Thank you for reading this review,

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