11 December 2015

Day ten non beauty advent calendars

Another day another three items in my non-beauty advent calendasr so I think that I'm on a bit of a winning streak. Also I have to admit that today I like it the items even more than yesterday too and I hope that you are enjoying these on boxing.
But, enough jibber jabber and here are my day 10 items:

I see the aperture and I am absolutely filled with dread. This was the same shaped aperture as the last Smiggle item that put up a real fight. So I have a good inkling that it will be another lollipop scented highlighter.

And it is one of those one of those items. This is a pink highlighter with a slight berry scent to it. Thankfully this one didn't put up a fight and I didn't get it all over my hand and it will be nice to use and I will probably use it myself rather than giving it to my son because the likelihood is with this it will be rather messy and he will highlight everything.

Next is tinc and seeing a pen shaped aperture I got worried but thankfully there was something inside there.

Inside is a pen with the barber pole esque design which also has Santer on one side. It is a blue ball point and it writes quite nicely. It's a nice pen but nothing really special I have to admit that I prefer the pen with a skirt on that I received earlier in the month from smiggle.
But it definitely will be used and is useful.

The final calendar today for my non-beauty is my busy bee candles advent calendar.

And today is Christmas spice. This is a warming and spicy scent that will be lovely for this cold weather.

So, there are my items for today and all in all it is a very good day. The pen is very cute as is the highlighter. I will also enjoy the wax melts.
Roll on tomorrow.

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