16 December 2015

Day eleven single brand advent calendars

Here are my day 11 single brand advent calendars.

First is my Clarins advent calendar today and it is quite a small aperture.

The item inside the small aperture is this 3ml sample of the hydraquench Intensive serum bi phase. 

According to the Clarins website this is an intensive moisture replenishing bi phase and hydrating facial serum that revives ultra thirsty skin. It says that the acts on all levels of the skin to help restore the skins natural appearance hydration mechanism and retain moisture levels for newly replenished skin.

It is nice but it is a 3ml sample which will not give me much more than a small amount of usage and I very much doubt that I think the small sample would be worth about 4 pounds.

Next is the Ciate advent calendar.

Today's Ciate is in the shade life's a peach.
To me this looks more like a pale pink rather than a peach colour but it will be nice for the spring and summer. It is 5mls like the other nail varnishes and like the others will be a two or three coat polish. 

So, these are my items for 11 December and for me it's been a so-so day. I quite like the colour of the nail varnish but the serum is quite small and to be honest with you I tend to use Korean ones anyway.
So for me today Ciate is first followed by the Clarins.
Thank you for reading.

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