30 April 2014

Scholl Express Pedi Bzzagent freebie

I have to admit to being quite lucky with Bzzagent and this another review for a product that I have received free for review from this site.

This is a review for the Scholl Express Pedi and the Scholl Velvet smooth Intense Serum.

This seems to be a much hyped up product at the moment with adverts on the telly but after using it for a couple of weeks and using a few times I can't really see the difference, especially for the £39.99 rrp. 
I have to admit that the Express Pedi itself reminds me of a dremel that I used to use as a teen to carve wood in the way that it turns and 'buffs or exfoliates' off the skin of your feet but it seems to have liittle effectiveness on my feet.
It might be because my feet aren't that bad or because it lacks power but it seems pretty ineffective and I think you are much better with a foot buffer that does what it says on the pack, i.e buffs your feet, and some foot lotion from the body shop as the serum is as effective but is as expensive but for a smaller quantity.

Would I reccommend or buy it at the rrp? No, sorry but it isn't good enough to warrant the price.

Still love bzzagent though and love that it is free. You can find more info on it here if you are from the uk and is free to join and you may be lucky enough, like me, to try products for free.


*the product was received for free from bzzagent but that doesn't affect my review*

A day of deliveries/missed deliveries and irritation... (Royal Mail,Betrousse)

It takes a lot to really get my knickers in a twist but Royal Mail is really starting to irritate me something chronic. On Friday I got a sorry I have missed you card despite being in all day and today it happened again.

29 April 2014

April 2014 beauty box comparison

Here are the contents of my boxes for April  and links to the corresponding reviews (if carried out).

27 April 2014

My hair obsession with John Frieda

I have to admit that when products make claims I tend to take it when a pinch of salt. 
So when I was lucky enough to be selected to try John Frieda Frizz Ease for bzzagent for free I definitely took it with a pinch of salt that it would tame my very long very frizzy hair that is more lion king than elegant lady a lot of the time.

25 April 2014

Memebox #9

I don't know why British people, in general apologise all the time but here I go again. I am sorry that I haven't reviewed sooner but here is my next Memebox review and I promise I am going to catch up with other reviews tomorrow. 
This is Memebox #9 that arrived earlier and had a snazzy silver that was really cute and a nice change from pink and black so I had to photograph it.

Degustabox April 2014

So, I missed reviewing last months and it was very good but mainly savoury. I prefer sweet, to be honest, and hoped this months was mainly sweet and I wasn't disappointed.

23 April 2014

Memebox by Banila co.

My second review of the eight is another Memebox and this one is, sadly, not as great as the first box from them that I reviewed today.

Memebox lucky box #2

I have to admit my blogposts have stacked up this month due to campnanowrimo and the fact that we had two bank holidays, meaning that I now have eight boxes to review.
This is the first of the eight I will review from this batch and is probably one of my favourite boxes that i have received for a while as it is amazing value for me, a great plus for a pennypincher like me, and has given me some sunblock, which I really need as I burn really easily and the Uk weather is starting to hot up.

20 April 2014

Souksouk April 2014 (I resubbed)

I cancelled souksouk last month but resubbed this month as I saw that this was their birthday box and that got me curious so I paid again and when I received this box and saw the items above I was really happy as it is mainly body and skin care and that makes me happy as I much prefer it to make up products in general.
But, what did I receive?

Love me beauty April Edition 3 2014

I have to apologise again about delays in doing reviews but now my 50k is written I am trying to get back on track and the first review I am going to do is the one I got about a week ago and it is one of my favourites, as anyone who has followed me for a while will know, and it is Love ME Beauty for April.

15 April 2014

Memebox #8

My memebox eight came early this month but been too busy to review as I have been doing campnanowrimo but I am taking a break as exhausted so I have decided to do this review tonight.

Memebox is a box that costs just under £19 including postage from Korea and is full of Korean beauty products. I really like it as you get a lot of bang for your buck and the few products I have tried from my boxes have been very good. 
I also love the beautiful pink outer boxes.

At the moment they don't ship to the uk but I have signed up until box 16 and as this box is only number eight I will be reviewing them until at least October, especially as I expect they probably be shipping to use again.

Anyway, back to number eight.

As per normal the box was nicely full of products and even from just looking at a general overview you can see there is a good variety of products.
So, what did I get?

The first item in my box this month was a Flower Men Energy Moist Boosting Sheet Mask Hyaluronic acid 25g. It has psy's face which I love and Edward seemed to too as he stole it when it arrived. 
It has a price of $4.

Next is the Hairich Vedacell Hair Program Shampoo 100ml. This is a 4 in 1 shampoo that is free of soul fates, silicon and synthetic dyes. It is supposed to help your hair to prevent damage and help keep your hair and scalp healthy. It is worth $6.76.

The next item is a 7g sample of the Tonymoly BCDATION SPF 30 PA +++ and a 1g foil sample. This is a both cc and bb foundation that has an SPF of thirty that will mean it will also protect your skin from the sun as well as giving full coverage. This is worth $4.32.

Next in the box is the Heart Face Ultra Pore Care Sleeping pack in a 20ml size. This is a night moisturiser that minimises pores and controls sebum while you sleep. This is worth $9.80.

Next is an item I will probably not use as it is a whitening tone to brighten your skin tone. As I am very pale it is not an issue I have.
Anyway, this is the Secret Key Snow White Cream and it is full sized and costs $21.

The final item in this box is probably the one I am most interested in as I am a bit of a cleanser obsessive. This is a full sized product and it is the MAX Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Foam Cleanser. According to the leaflet it is a rich and nourishing cleanser that contains caviar oil and dissolves dirt and makeup with a single use, so no need for a second cleanse. It also helps to deep cleanse the pores and removes sebum.
This is worth $73.

So, that is box eight and I really like it but I preferred number seven. I like that these boxes are skin care heavy though and really look forward to nine that should come in the next few weeks.
As normal excellent value and the products will all be used except the whitening cream.


14 April 2014

Birchbox UK April 2014

I really think I am a jinx when it comes to boxes at the moment and on Friday this box was supposed to arrive but it was updated on Saturday morning as tried to deliver on Friday morning, yeah right, unlikely as both me and little mr nosey was in all day, then 'unable to locate'. So I emailed birchbox but it thankfully arrived anyway this morning while I was asleep so I can now review it.
So, what did I receive?

They have changed their magazine again, please try to make your mind up, and it now concertinas. It proudly tell me that the topic this month is 'good enough to eat', which looks interesting.

I was rather sad about my offerings this month though as the items are rather small and the sort of items you get free with magazines and there is another eye pencil. I received one two months ago and don't use them as I have very limited sight with no glasses on so it is wasteful, plus it is so tiny it is really a 'why bother item'.
But what did I receive?

The first item in my box this month was the one I knew about already as a few weeks ago we were asked to pick the Color Club nail varnish we wanted from a gold, a blue, a green and a pinky white colour (I think that is correct) and I chose this very light turquoise colour that it rather beautiful and gives good application and is thick enough you only use one or two coats.
It is quite small though as it only a mini at 7ml.
I really like this and would definitely buy this brand again, especially if it lasts as well as it applies.
This is from their Gala's Gems Nail Polish and worth £3.75.

Next is a brand I love but a product I won't use and have so many that I won't use: eyeliners.
I can't use them and hate receiving them and after receiving one two months ago I am pretty irritated to receive another, especially as it is a rediculous size and when I have received this brand from lovemebeauty in the past, yes I know it is a different box company but they cost the same so it is a good way to compare, I have only had full sized so was surprised they do sample sized. It is only 0.6g so is small. 
This is worth £1.50.

I received a body oil last month and this month I receive a body milk and to be honest I am not too excited by this as the scent is rather pedestrian and I wouldn't buy it.
This is 38ml sample of the Campos de Ibiza moisturising body milk almond and is worth about £3.30.

The next is from theBalm and it is How 'bout them apples cheek and lip cream in the shade pie. It is from their palette of the same name.

It is soft on application and is a vivid pink colour that is long lasting but it isn't really special enough to make me buy it despite the nice packaging.
Probably worth a couple of pounds at most as I think the palette has larger samples of each product.

Next in my box is a Yes to Cucumbers Soothing travel wipe pack that contains ten wipes. I will probably put these in my handbag as I don't use facial wipes and although these look good and are mostly natural they don't appeal so will probably only be used in an emergency. A full pack of thirty is only £4.99 so it was a bit cheap to get ten as they are only worth £1.66.

The final item in the box was a bit of a disappointment too. This is the propercorn sweet coconut and vanilla popcorn and I didn't like that and neither did Edward but thankfully Paul did so he ate them. It is rare I would rather bin something than eat it but the taste was odd and they tasted stale to me. A sample sized bag.

So, that was my April Birchbox and after some good boxes this one is a major disappointment and barely worth the money that I paid for it. May is the last box in my sub and not sure if I will resub but I will know when I see next months box.


Youbeautydiscovery April 2014

I always enjoy my youbeautydiscovery box and this month is no different as I managed to get in fast, I always order just after midnight, sad but effective, and had my choice between the ten choices in the menu this month. This months selection was a 'organic & natural' menu.

12 April 2014

Memebox Superbox by Thefaceshop

Firstly, I apologise that I am a bit far behind on my reviews at the moment but I am doing campnanowrimo so I am lost in my own little world at the moment, quite literally, and finally decided to take a break to do some reviews as my story is only 9k off the end.

7 April 2014

March box picture comparison

Here is a picture summary of my March 2014 boxes. I like doing them like this as it makes it easy to compare them and a picture paints a thousand words.

Astrid & Miyu March box (quarterly jewellery box) My review

Youbeautydiscovery March box My review

Wantable March box My review

Glossybox March box My review

Birchbox March box My review

Lipfactory March box My review

Souksouk March box My review (have resubbed)

Lovemebeauty March box My review

Memebox #7 My review

So, there were all my boxes in March. I have included links to my reviews if you want more details.