17 December 2015

Day twelve multi brand advent calendars

I really am getting really far behind now but I still want to put these reviews up on my blog so this is my day 12 multibrand advent calendar review. These will show my look fantastic, you beauty and Marks & Spencer's advent calendar.

I really do apologise but I have been battling an extreme cold since mid November so it's hard to get the energy to write reviews or even make my YouTube videos because I've been so tired because I've hardly been eating and been coughing really heavily.
Pretty hard when this is the time that you really want to eat food and eat a lot of the festive food and you can't but enough of that and here are my reviews.
You may also noticed that this review has no Advent calendar doors and that is because I've been also having problems because we only really have the sunlight until about 3 PM.
But here is the review:

The first item in the advent calendar today is from look fantastic and it is the Jurlique rose water balancing mist. On the door of the advent calendar was a basic spoiler and it did say something about the Rose Scent. I really like rose scented products and I actually really like using face mists since I've been into Korean beauty so this is really up my street.
This mist smells really floral and expensive and is made in Australia.
According to the description on the back it says it is a hydrating mist to refresh skin and your senses. This will be particularly nice in the summer because I like the rose scent I will really enjoy using it.

Next item is from marks and spencers and is a lipstick.
This is by Diego Dalla palma and is in shade il Rossetto 'the lipstick'. 
For me this packaging feels really locks and there is a slight angle on the packaging which gives it a lovely curve.
It is also all in white and black which also feels really classy and expensive.

To me this colour is a pinky red colour and it is definitely a sheen lipstick as it would have a shine on the lips. It has a nonsticky texture and blends on the lips really nicely.
I'm not sure of the wear of the lipstick however because I haven't actually wore it on the lips but is a colour that would suit most skintones.
It is a nice full-sized item to receive from marks and spencers advent calendar though, in my opinion.

According to the Marks & Spencer's website they say that this is a lightweight, soft and creamy lipstick that glides over the lips leaving them radiant and intense. They also say that there is a blend of active ingredient in this to help soften your lips lips as well as giving anti ageing effects. Looks quite interesting and is fragrance free and suitable for all skin tones.

The final item today is from pixi and is their endless silky Eye pencil.  I do actually give all my eyeliner pencils to my aunt but on trying this one on my hand it feels quite light on the skin.
However the point isn't particularly fine so I'm not sure how well it will work with delicate work like your tight line.
However it is quite creamy and soft and wouldn't be too jarring on the delicate eye area.
This is a .8 gram size and also has a 24 month life once opened. it is also great that this is in a black colour because most people will probably want a black or a brown eyeliner so it isn't to random. However this isn't the sort of item that I would like but I know some people will love it.

According to the pixi website this is waterproof, super long wear, no smudge and no budge. It is supposed to glide on seamlessly and is gently on the eyes and be super silky. It is also paraben free and mineral oil free as well as being preservatives free and hypoallergenic.

So there are my items for the 12th in my multi brand calendars and I will use two of three and my aunt will enjoy the other. My preference is probably is the lipstick then the mist then the eyeliner but all three are really good.

Thank you for reading

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