19 December 2015

Day fifteen multi brand advent calendars

And here we are up to day 15 on the multibrand advent calendars. I'm still in love with multi brand calendars and they definitely are my favourite type of calendar that I have done this year. 
Here are the items I received on the 15th day.

First is Marks & Spencers

Inside it is 30 mL tube of Roger and Gallet fleur de figuier hand and nail balm. According to the words on the front this has shea butter and fig extract.
Their website says it is a beautifully scented balm that will provide 24 hour hydration and it's non-sticky.
It also says this is enriched  with things like fig extract, shea butter and aloe Vera to leave the skin feeling nice and soft. It is ideal for normal to very dry skin which is great for me because I have very dry skin all year round and especially in the winter.
I am not sure whether I'm going to keep this one or give it to my mother but either way I know it will be appreciated by whoever uses it.

Next is lookfantastic.

Inside is 15 mL of Christophe Robin regenerating mask with a rare prickly pear seed oil. To me the name of the company reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.

This is a hair mask and according to the label you apply after shampooing and you add water then lather then leave it on for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse.
It is supposed to leave your hair looks luxuriant, smoothed and protected. It also says that  it is paraben, silicon, SLS and colourant free.
But reading the ingredients doesn't leave me with a thrilling compulsion to use it though as most of it is chemicals and the first ingredient is water followed by Cetearyl alcohol and then loads of other chemicals that I do not know.
Doesn't exactly smell amazing either so I am unsure that I could even put in my hair and leave it for a while because I have a very sensitive nose.

The final item is from youbeauty.

This is another Caudalie item and this is from the vinosource range and is their SOS thirst quenching serum for dehydrated skin. It is in a 10 mL size.
According to the caudalie website this is a lightweight oil free formula to help capture and diffuse water deep into the skin to help moisture balance and to leave the skin refreshed, hydrated and comfortably soft. It is supposed to be fast acting and gentle enough even for sensitive skin.

There are my three items today and for me my favourite would probably be the hand and nail balm followed by the serum and then followed by the hair mask.
Thank you for reading

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