28 February 2014

Degustabox February 2014

My third degustabox box arrived today and I was very excited as I had saw other peoples boxes yesterday and knew what was going to arrive so knew, in advance, that I was going to love it.

February 2014 empties (warning - long post)

Not sure what happened this month but my empties went potty so I will only do small reviews for each of my empty products as otherwise I will be here forever and my blogposts are backing up as I have been lazy and my birthday presents are coming in pre birthday so I have a lot to do before my march boxes start.

24 February 2014

Cettua silky and shiny foot mask review.

Hubby is gone for work for the night so I have decided to try out these foot masks tonight. These are by Cettua and are supposed to give me soft and moisturised feet. 
They contain urea, salicylic acid, be tone, Shea butter and peppermint oil and are alcohol, paraben, PEG and pigment free as well as being hypo allergenic.

Collective haul

I have broken my no buy and this close to my birthday I really can't be bothered to get back onto the horse again. I got my birthday money early from hubby so I got some products I want to try, either for my blog or my own personal use or through pure curiosity. 
This was done over a few weeks and has some items from superdrug, Asda, yves Rocher, the body shop and a magazine freebie.
I also have a few more items coming, including one huge purchase, but I want to clear this stuff from where it was so I am splitting my haul.

My first items came from superdrug and are mostly bought for blogposts or through curiosity. From left to right I purchased:
Tanya Burr lipgloss in 'Vampire Kiss'
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 005 Crush
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 220 Showy
Maybelline New York color tattoo 24hr in 35 On and on bronze.
Vitamin E skincare Hot cloth cleanser with muslin cloth.

I really wanted to try the hot cloth cleanser as miss budget beauty raves about it and it would be ideal to add to my cleansers to try out.

Here are the four makeup products swatched for you. From left to right they are: Vampire kiss, crush, showy and on and on bronze. On the lips vampire kiss is a vivid red, crush is a dark purple and showy is a bubble gum pink. I love that they are all vivid colours and last a long time so you don't have to keep reapplying.
After watching essiebutton on YouTube I really wanted to try on and on bronze and I love it as it is no nonsense as it can be used all over the eyelid on its own and it lasts really well as well as being a beautiful colour.

The next items I purchased from Asda as they had a sale on in beauty and all of these products were £2.50 each and I loved that they were heavily discounted and really wanted to try the heat protection oils. On this visit I purchased:
Tresemme moisture rich luxurious moisture conditioner in a 900ml size.
Tresemme expert selection keratin smooth heat protection shine spray in a 200ml size.
Tresemme expert selection thermal recovery intense repair & rehydration deep repair masque in a 500ml size.
Tresemme moisture rich luxurious moisture shampoo in a 900ml size.
For me, these were bargains and the shampoo and conditioner will last months. I already have a spare of each as I always top up when they are cheap and having another will keep me in shampoo in conditioner until at least Christmas. 
Not bad for less than a tenner for both shampoo and conditioner times two. I can also use the masque after my macadamia deep repair masque is finished and the spray will useful now I blowdry my hair.

Next was my body shop order that I made as I wanted to try out the new serum and everything was 40% off so I got more lip balms as well as some cleansing balm.
In this order I received:
Vitamin E overnight serum in oil. I am in love with this product and will be doing a review on it soon.
Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter for all skin type. This is for my cleansing product reviews.
Lastly I got the huge valentine lollipop that contained five lip butters. I had one of their lip butters in mango and needed more so I bought this as it was cheaper and had enough butters to probably last me over six months, perhaps even a year. In it there are the chocomania, Shea, coconut, strawberry and another mango. 
I opened the strawberry when I received the order and I love it. These are super nutritious and the scent of the strawberry product reminds me of the children's products the body shop made a long time ago.
I wish they still made them as I loved them and would love to use them with Edward.

These products were from Yves Rocher and were bought as I needed to spend eight pounds plus postage to get a free gift of some storage boxes. I always need toner so I bought four 200ml bottle of pure Camille lotion as they were buy one get one free and the miscellar cleansing water in the middle in a 200ml was another freebie. 
Always good to stock up on the basics when Yves Rocher has a good deal on and so far I haven't been disappointed in their products.
Another shock from this order is that delivery of my goods was incredible fast. I think it was just over a week. So fast and now I can't complain as that was my only complaint with the company.

This was my second Asda order from their beauty sale and I managed to snag the real techniques core collection for under thirteen pounds when it is just a penny under twenty one and just a penny under twenty two in some drugstores. 
The collection includes their detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush and they are in panoramic case that can act as both a carrier and a stand. 
I have heard good things about this brands brushes so I look forward to using them.
Additionally I bought the George eye primer for three pounds. I never knew George made make up and I have never owned an eye primer so I wanted to try both the brand and the product type out so I decided to buy this as if I hate it there is only a three pound loss.

My final item is a freebie with my glamour subscription this month and it is the model co fibre lashxtend extreme black lengthening mascara. I will probably put it in my stash or give it away but I really like the packaging.

The little mirror on the side of it is really funky and would be a great help for applying the product on the go. Pretty sad it was an eye product but at least it wasn't an eye liner.

So, that was my haul. I really love what I bought and most items were things that I wanted or had seen other people love so wanted to try them. I really look forward to trying these products out and writing blogposts about them in the future.

Hope you are having a lovely day. What have you bought recently, anything I need to try? Please comment below if you want to and I will try to reply to all comments.


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Meme box sixth edition

My sixth edition memebox came this morning and it was a little bit of a surprise as it came really fast and the man rang my bell at half seven this morning. 
Poor guy almost got a mouthful as I thought hubby had rang the bell instead of using his keys after a night shift but I was happy to see him as normally parcelforce comes after noon.
I really liked my 5-2 box and after seeing spoilers on makeup talk I am guessing I will love this one too.

I love these pink boxes as they are so girly and I love all things girly.

This box is nicely full and mostly skincare so I am over the moon. 
So, what is in my box?

The first item in my box is the silky and shiny foot mask by Cettua that is a sock application and probably the most interesting product I have seen for a while and I really look forward to using it. 
According the back of the pack it soften calluses and moisturises feet, leaves feet smooth and refreshes and releases tiredness from my feet so would be great for this tired mum.
This is worth $2.50 and has one application in it.

The next product is the Oneday whitener by Nella Fantasia. 
I have to admit this product scares me as I definitely don't need my skin whitened. I also worry about the harm that comes from some whitening products but according to the card this only brightens and clarifies your skin. It also hydrates your skin and leaves the complexion clear and flawless. This will be great for my dry skin and will be an interesting product to use. 
This is a 40ml deluxe sample size, full size is 120ml, and worth $8.66.

The next product is the Kerasys Salon Care Professional Moringa miracle essence. I am so excited about this as I am loving hair oils at the moment and according to the leaflet this treatment provides amazing shine and helps damaged dry hair so it is perfect for my extremely long hair as it is both of these characteristics.
I will try this after my morroccanoil is finished.
This is full sized and worth $13.50.

Next is the O'sum Aloe Vera Soothing Mist. This is an intriguing product as it can be used before or after make up or can be used on it's own. According to the leaflet it is a make up fixing spray and I have never used one before so look forward to trying it as apparently it even works in extreme conditions.
This is full sized and is worth $15.

This is a repeat product in the box but not a repeat for me as I only started getting these boxes with 5-2 so never got the early boxes. This is the Recipe by Nature Spray Essence Water. This sounds like a toner to me and I find my toners run out fast so this is much appreciated. 
This is full sized and worth $35, so more than my whole box.

This is the first of two samples of bb creams in this box. This one is the Hanskin Bio Origin Wrinkle Talk B.B SPF30 PA++. This is very dark on application but blended into the skin leaving it looking tanned but not orange like some bb creams do. I will probably stash this until the summer and use this then to stop me looking like a lobster like I did last year after I burnt really badly. 
Definitely not a good look. 
This is a 10ml sample and worth $9.75.

This is the second bb cream and is the Dr Jart+ Rejuvenating BB silver label SPF35/PA++. 
This tube was filled with little product and had a lot of air in it. It has a very brown colour and a little would definitely go a long way to match my skin tone as I am so fair. I also find it sticky and oil in application and prefer the other bb cream so probably won't use it unless I ran out the others I have in my stash.
If my maths is correct this sample is worth $4.64 but I very much doubt there was 8ml in this sample tube. My least favourite skincare in this box and I wouldn't repurchase and I am sad about that as dr Jart is supposed to be amazing. 

The last product in my box was the item that was switched in the 6-2 box and another duplicate from an earlier box. This the Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lipgloss in Veil Rose.
Although I haven't got this before I feel very sore the people who got 6-2 got a serum worth more than this lip gloss and I feel hard done by. 
In my opinion this lip gloss is nothing really special and I prefer to receive skincare. With a disappointing  almost empty bb cream this further irritates me.

As you can see it is rose coloured gloss and as my lips are highly pigmented not really something I would wear.
This is a sample size and worth $12, although I wouldn't pay the approximately eight pounds this works out as for this product that only contains 3 grams of product.

I have to admit I really like this box and it is a lot better than most of the British boxes but I dislike a quarter of the products. A lipgloss and a one squirt and it is over bb cream have soured this box slightly but it is cushioned by some great looking skin, body and hair care products. 
I really hope they don't duplicate loads in the future, unless it is the cheese cream, and having such a difference in boxes also irritates me as I would have loved a serum rather than a not special lip gloss.

The box is worth $101.05, if my maths is correct, which is great as it is only $29.95 including postage, so just under twenty uk pounds. I really love memebox so far in general and look forward to my other boxes.


18 February 2014

Meme box 5-2 edition

I have to admit to be slightly over a lot of the British boxes. They either have reoccurring products or are terrible, apart from a few exceptions, so I have started to look at foreign boxes to get some variation. 
This is my second foreign box this month and it is the memebox #5-2. 
Meme box is mainly skincare and it is from Korea. I saw it on YouTube and wanted to try it myself and this is my first box from them, although I have a few on preorder too.

It arrived in an outer bag but inside is this beautiful pink box. I love the colour and it arrived really fast since it was only shipped from Korea last week.

So, what was inside?

These are the contents of this box. It cost me $29.99 including postage, so just under twenty pounds, and has quite a few items inside it.

The first sample in my box is a 7 sample pack of lipozone body ampoule. According to the leaflet they increase the skin firmness and reduce fat cells and cellulite. Sound great in my opinion and not something I have ever seen before.
Worth about $16.

The next item in my box is 50ml of the CNP laboratory cleansing perfecta. This is a cleansing gel for waterproof makeup, bb cream and sun block. It looks quite interesting and is a good size sample for me to try out. 
This is worth about $7.66.

The next item in my box is a 100ml tube of Derma:B daily moisture body lotion. 
According to the leaflet this provides twenty four hours of hydration and leaves the skin softer and smoother. Also it has an ingredient, phytoncide, that calms irritated or reactive skin. 
Seems us scented in my opinion and is a thick and creamy body cream.
This is worth about $4.

Next is a full size item. This is 30ml of Nuganic Customize Pore Control Essence. This is supposed to reduce the size of dial acted pores and also helps control blackheads and pimples. From the description it sounds like a serum.
This has a rrp of $46.

Next is the aromatica tasteless aroma therapy roll on. It is a mix of oils and it smells really relaxing and makes me relax when used on the pulse points on my wrists.
This has a rrp of $15.

The next item is an envelope containing three physiogel foil sample packets. They are 10ml of cleanser, 3ml of intensive repair cream and finally 3ml of cream.

The next item is two foil samples by leaders and they are uv moist sun gel and a cc cream.

This item is the last of the foil samples are they are by Dear jane and are their touch the silk velvet primer and their gleam on you shimmer base, so two samples of primers I think.

The next item is the Panier Sens liquid Marseilles soap in hydrating rose. This is a liquid cleanser and I love rose products so look forward to using it.
It is worth about $2.

The last item in my box is a loreal Paris shine caresse dazzling shine fresh moisture light weight lip colour in 702 Juliette.

It is in this beautiful silver packaging and has a useful applicator that provides more effective application.

As you can see, on my lips it is a very vibrant red and although it isn't a shade I would normally wear I love it. The shade also stays really well and is nice as I normally wear matte and this shade makes my lips look luscious.
This has a rrp of $16.

So that was my first memebox and I really liked what was in it. All the products look great and I love that it is mainly skincare as I am rather skin care obsessed. 
Really looking forward to my next box too now.

More info on memebox can be found here.


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15 February 2014

Souk souk February 2014

My souksouk February 2014 box turned up today and I was really excited to see it here as it was only dispatched yesterday and they said we had an extra valentines treat.

As last month I love the magazine and this month it focuses mainly on skin are which I like as I prefer skin and body care to cosmetics.

Underneath the magazine was a pack of lavender sleep patches. According to the packaging these remove waste and promote relaxation. They are patches that you apply to the ball of your feet while you sleep. I might try these tonight.
The trial pack we received has a rrp of £3.99.

Under the patches were the rest of the products. To be honest nothing really excites me like last month's lipstick but unlike my glossybox I can, and will, use it all as I like trying out new skin and body care products and the chocolate won't last long.

This was the extra in my box and was consumed very fast. I really enjoyed it and have eaten this brand before when I ate my paleo diet before Christmas. I really enjoyed receiving this as they are quite expensive but to be honest I couldn't afford to eat them exclusively.

This is the conscious skin care grapefruit and cedarwood body wash that was 'lovingly made in Britain'  according to the packaging. It smells nice and refreshing and like the rest of my body washes it will probably be used as a bubble bath. I like that the sample had an easy to read ingredients list and most ingredients were natural or organic.
This 50ml sample is worth about £3.20.

The next item is the conscious skincare grapefruit and cedarwood body lotion that was also 'lovingly made in Britain.' It smells the same as the body wash and I find the scent very fresh and pleasing. It also has a very clear ingredient list and leaves my skin feeling soft and the scent seems to stick to the skin well.
This 50ml sample is worth about £3.40.

The next item is the Living Nature active manuka honey & kumerahou vitalising cleanser. This is 100% natural and smells nice and I like receiving cleansers as I am trying them out for this blog so another is definitely not unwelcome. I like that is also suitable for sensitive skin and it shouldn't upset my skin due to the natural ingredients.
This 10ml sample is worth £1.94 and due to its texture I should get at least two applications from it. 

The last sample in my box is the Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask.  I will use this tonight and do a picture review. I really like masks at the moment and like that this is another natural product. I will reserve judgement but I might buy this if it is any good.
The sample is worth £2.23.

I have to admit when I opened the box it was a bit of an anticlimax but I think good things do come in small packages with this box. The contents were worth £14.76, not including the chocolate, which isn't as much as the glossybox but I think these products are much better quality and I will use everything in here. 
I look forward to next month,


Notanotherbill February 2014

My second notanotherbill package came a few days ago and I was really excited, although from the one sneak peek I was saw I was expecting a bag.
The packaging was chevron patterned this month and was really beautiful. As per norm, Edward saw it and got excited. He loves Momma's parcels.

It was beautifully packaged and I loved the black ribbon.

Inside was a beautiful leopard print scarf. It is huge and beautifully soft. It is made by Becksondergaard and is 100% cotton and like last month with my ring I am in love. 

It is so beautiful I couldn't help but take this picture of how the fabric looks when you wear it and it isn't flat.

Just like last month with my ring that is currently on my left hand notanotherbill has outdone itself. Roll on next month.


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Glossybox February 2014

My February glossybox came early morning, my Hermes lady is ace btw, and after last weeks ridiculous box I was looking forward to seeing if this one was as bad or if last months was unusually bad.

The box is valentines themed, which is stupid as they knew we wouldn't get it until after valentines day. I like the box but I don't like how shiny it is as I preferred the matte boxes.

But what did it look like inside.

These are my products. To be honest it is a bit of an anticlimax but I love the packaging on the product on the right. I know I have the nail varnish already and won't use it and there are two eye products I can't use as my eyesight is very bad and the body shimmer don't appeal to me. You can't see it but there was also a Lindt milk chocolate bar in it, like the ones I got free in my asos orders, and I enjoyed that.

But what were all the products.

First is the Toni and Guy creative stick it up gum. 
Really, gel? I have hair down my back and I would never use this type of product. It might be full sized but I would never use it. Love the packaging though.
The rrp on this £7.20.

Next is a full sized ciate London paint pot in kiss chase. Although it is the second full sized product it doesn't excite me. I have lots of polishes in this shade and not really interested in it.
This has a rrp of £9.

Next is also full sized and this is a new maybelline master kohl khol liner in pitch black. I like this is full sized but this is my second eye liner of the month in boxes and I can't use them. It has a rrp of £5.99.

Next is a 100ml bottle of nougat sparkling body shimmer in cherry blossom. To be honest the packaging looks cheap but it is supposed to be a premium brand. It smells nice on application and is hydrating but I can't see the shimmer to be honest.
This is worth £5.60.

Next are a pair of false eyelashes by eldora in h158. Not interested in these either and I wouldn't wear them and to me they are very over the top. These have a price of £4.30.

This was my extra this month and it is a Lindt Lindt treat bar. It was delicious and my third one as I got a couple with my asos order. This has a rrp of 79p.

So all in all a good box in terms of value of products but I will only probably use two products as the nail varnish doesn't really interest me as ciate chips quite easily and I already have this colour, the gel is little use to me and I can't use the two eye products. 
The body shimmer will join my body creams and I will use it and the chocolate is delicious so it wasn't a complete train wreck but it is likely I will only do two more boxes.

All in all the contents were worth £32.88 if my maths are correct. Not really tailored to me though so the worth doesn't really excite me as some of the pics on the glossybox page showed eyeshadow and I was hoping for that or a lipstick.

Hope next months suits me better.

Hope you are all doing well and everything is good where you are. Have a lovely day.


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