22 December 2015

day twenty one non beauty advent calendars

It's very odd that I'm now on yesterday's non-beauty advent calendar review. But I seem to be getting there and here are the Smiggle, tinc and busy bee candles advent calendars for yesterday.

I really do think it's funny that I'm beginning to get a pattern in the order that I unveil these and once again is the busy bee candle advent calendar first.

The scent melt is in the scent snowflakes which is a fresh scent with a slight scent of trees.
To me it would be rather reminiscent of a cold day all wrapped up walking through the forest. It feels almost like a silent day when the snow is coming down gently and you are all alone and relaxed.
A really peaceful scent.

Next is Smiggle.

Inside is this blue marker pen. It doesn't really excite me but it is useful and I will use it.

The final item comes from Smiggle and this is the item that fell into one of my earlier apertures.

It is also an extremely useful item and probably one of the favourite items that I have got from the advent calendars so far.
They are whale shaped paper clips from blott and they are really useful but they are also really unusual and I will really enjoy using them.

There are my items from yesterday and for me the preference would be the paperclips followed by the wax melt followed by the pen.
It's quite surprising that we are finally so close to Christmas but I hope you are all having a lovely day and that you're having a lovely advent 
Thank you for reading.

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