18 December 2015

Day fourteen non beauty advent calendars

Next is the review for my day 14 non beauty advent calendars.
Once again I have managed to get three items which means that even from the start it is a good day.
Here are my day 14 non beauty items though:

The first is tinc and on the front of the advent calendar we seem to have a snowflake and a tinc character. I have to admit that the black shape looks rather ominous though.

Inside the box is a stamp for the 14th and it has a picture of santa, snowflake and a candycane on the end. The stamp is in a red colour which is rather festive. I have to watch giving this to my son though because he will stamp on everything.
But I suppose it's lots of fun and maybe if we are doing cards I will let him stamp it on that to jolly them up.

The next advent calendar for the 14th is smiggle.

Inside is a little puzzle where you put all the puzzle pieces together to make a cube. I have to admit that when I took it out the puzzle fell to bits so I am going to have to put it back together.
I just hope that I am able to.

The final non beauty advent calendar today is a busy bee candles.
This is a scent melt advent calendar and after using a couple of times of melting busy bee candles I know that they have a really good throw so I look forward to using these.

This advent calendar smells more floral than the scent it is supposed to be: mistletoe.
I have to admit that if I am going to have a floral I would rather have a tree scent which I thought this might be, rather than a more old fashioned rich floral. I am pretty much certain that I will burn this but it isn't one of my favourites so far.

So, there are my items for day 14 in my non-beauty advent calendars.
I particularly like the stamp and that would probably be my preference out the three items followed by the puzzle followed by the scent melt.
Hopefully today I will also get day 15 of the non-beauty Advent calendars up as well as some of the single brand advent calendar days.
Thank you for being patient with me and I hope you're having a lovely advent


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