22 December 2015

day seventeen single brand advent calendars

No huge amount of bumph before this review but here is my day 17 single brand advent calendars

First is Clarins.

Inside is the Clarins men's anti fatigue eye serum in a 3ml size.
This is another dark circle product and also helps to depuff the eyes.
I think my husband would enjoy using this and I will have to see how he feels about it. The only issue I have with this sort of product is that often ingredients between a men's product and a women's products are exactly the same except the fragrance is a different.
Also, to be honest a lot of the time a man would probably be better having bought a women's product if it is exactly the same because it tends to be cheaper.
To be honest even looking at the description I think this will probably be very similar to the female version.
Nice to have a man's product though.

A nice London bus awaits you today on the Ciate advent calendar door.

Ciate shady lady nail polish in a 5ml size is inside and this looks like a grey shade. I don't tend to wear many grays on my nails and I tend to wear blacks, red, blues or pastels but I will try this and see what it is like. I suppose if I don't like it on its own I could use in combination with another colour. But it is nice to have some variety.

There are my items and for me probably the nail varnish would be first followed by the serum. Once again it is a very small sample so although it is a useful product it doesn't really thrill me.
Roll on tomorrow

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