2 December 2015

Day two multi brand advent calendars

So, it's day two and we are getting closer to Christmas (yikes!) and looks like there is more nice goodies today.

My first day two item is from Marks and Spencer and is in another cute box and today the box feels quite light.

Inside there is a small package wrapped in tissue paper which makes today's item seem even more festive.

Inside the package is a 15g pot of Burt's bees lemon butter cuticle Cream.
I am growing my nails at the moment so cuticle creams are much appreciated and I am also a lover of lemon scented products so this is particularly well received.
As a brand I haven't used much Burt's bees but I am looking forward to using this.
According to the Burt's Bees site this has lemon oil to cleanse the cuticles and keep them healthy.
This is full sized and worth £6.49.

No description today on the lookfantastic door and the door is a lot smaller today. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not but I'll have to find out.

Today I have received a Lord & Berry Skin lip gloss in a 6ml sample size.
I used to get a lot of Lord and Berry when I used to get Love me beauty boxes before it changed format.
It was rather meh as a brand but happy to try this but on my lips I am pretty sure that it won't show up as my lips are rather pigmented.
The value of this is £3.50 as it is a third of the full size which is priced at £10.50. 
It's okay and I will use it but doesn't wow me.

The last one to open today is by Youbeauty and it has an odd shaped hole and that makes me curious.

Inside the calendar today was the Molton Brown frankincense & allspice hand wash in a 100ml size. This is a great fit for christmas as it is spicy yet woody and I especially love that it is hand wash instead of shower gel as I really like hand wash and have so many shower gels and even better is that I like molton brown but this is a scent I haven't tried before.
This is a third of the full sized (300ml) and has a value of £5.33.

Here are my items for day two from my multi brand advent calendars. I will use all three but I think that I am most excited by the cuticle cream and the hand wash. The lip gloss is okay but it is a little too pale for my dark lips.

Roll on day three.


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