31 October 2014

November Memebox code

I got my memebox codes today for November.

They have changed slightly in that they are $5 off a $30 or more order before p and p on the memebox website. (they used to be used for any order).

My code is 1H7LIL and 5D0HWH  (I think you may be able to use one of each a month but not sure) and are valid between the 1st and the 30th November and is one time only use per account.

Additionally if you spend more than $100 or $150 you get an extra $5 (for orders over 100 and under 150) and $10 (when spending over 150) off your order by using my affiliate link.

This is my link:


*contains affiliate link*
(sorry if this post is a little confused but from what I can work out you may be able to use both of these once a month)

LIpmonthly October 2014 and extras

I have cancelled this box but I am not sure if this is my last or not. It is okay but I like others more.
This is a lip product mystery bag that comes from Canada and is about £8 or £9 a month after p and p and although it has a lot for the money it is only so so for me.
But back to this months bag as well as the three extras that they sent me for doing my youtube reviews.

Lovelula October 2014

It has been a long and odd month and this month my boxes are a little out of order so although this was one of my first boxes to arrive it will be one of the last unboxed fr you.
Lovelula is a box that concentrates on organic and natural brands and for me I always enjoy and look forward to this box.
Although this months isn't amazing I have still enjoyed the products.

29 October 2014

Glossybox October 2014

This will be my last glossybox for a while but it is a fab box so at least I finish the subscription with a bang, not a whimper.

25 October 2014

You beauty discovery October 2014

There are some companies that I have shopped with that when they mess up they blame but themselves and some say 'ok guv, we coced up let us fix it'. 
Thankfully youbeautydiscovery is firmly in the second bracket and when my box went wrong this month they fixed it fast and satisfactorily and I am one happy company.
Here is my review of my youbeautydiscovery box for October.

Memebox Special #42 OMG 3

The omg boxes are never omg enough for me but at least the third edition has once again shown that these boxes are full of useful products.
Additionally omg 4 is supposed to be really omg so I look forward to that but before then I can show you the omg 3 box
This box is fab and here are the contents:

24 October 2014

Memebox Superbox #61 My Cute wishlist 3

Sometimes a box isn't quite what the name says and this box is a good example of that. 
To most this is the 'My cute wishlist box 3' box but to me it is forever to be 'the scary dolly box'.
Or maybe with the film Annabelle at the cinema and halloween coming it is just a case of bad timing.

Memebox special #38 My mask box

Sometimes there are boxes I really enjoy and sometimes there are ones I forget about and this box is unique in that I like the contents but have still managed to forget about it.... gotta agree that isn't too smart of me but here is my review.
Better late than never.

Birchbox October 2014

I am usually totally in love with my birchboxes and looking at other people's contents I usually feel no jealousy but this month both the contents as well as the comparison with other people's boxes has left me cold.
Add to that this is my lost box of a six month sub it was wrong time to have a dud box that the rest of my other subs have kicked into submission.
The disparity in the boxes every month has finally upset me and not sure I will sign up again without a good deal.
But back to this month's box. 

This was a collaboration with CoppaFeel which is a breast cancer charity.

23 October 2014

My little box by Diane von Furstenburg October 2014

This is the most beautiful of my subscription boxes and I love that even the packaging is amazing and as you can see from this unboxing it is another great box.
A definite recommend from the two my little box that I have received especially as it is a lifestyle rather than a beauty box.
This is great for people who like a box with a slight difference and lovely french flair.

Memebox special #28 all about eyes

Memebox contacted me at the end of the last month and asked me if I wanted to be 'collaborate' with them which meant they would send me free boxes and this is the first one I got sent was this box, which is the all about eyes box.
(I have included swatches of these products at the bottom of the post)

18 October 2014

Memebox Princess Edition #2 Sleeping Beauty

I ordered this box with my Repunzel and daily dose of beauty boxes and ironically this was the one I was looking forward to yet is the one I am disappointed with.
But thankfully the value is there even if the contents surprised me slightly.

Memebox Princess Edition #3 Rapunzel

Sometimes I order a box as I am desperately in love with the idea, like the dirty gal box, but sometimes I buy the box as it makes me curious when I have points waiting to be used.
This is firmly in the second category but I am really happy I received this as it is a good box for the money and I will use everything that is in this box.

12 October 2014

Memebox global #15

The global 14 box from memebox really blew my socks off so I was really looking forward to my global 15.
Although it wasn't as wow as last month's box and didn't have any sheet masks it adds to the proof that if you ever want to try out memebox you can't really go wrong with the global boxes.
Even if you do have to wait for a while for them to be shipped.

10 October 2014

Lookfantastic October 2014

I missed out on the September box from lookfantastic so when the October one came up for sale I couldn't say no as it gave great value with the first and was full of great products.
Although this one was good I haven't rushed out to preorder november, who don't have a sub for these and can buy when you want, and not sure I will be getting it.

8 October 2014

Memebox superbox #10 snail

When I saw that some of the older boxes had restocked I really couldn't resist this box that first sold a long while ago. 
This was the first snail box and having not received a snail box before I couldn't resist buying this, although I only knew what was in this box after purchasing it and looking at other people's blogposts.
But this is a great box with four full sized items and two sheets masks.

Horror block september 2014

My horror block came on the first of October and this will be the last of my horrorblocks as I think I might sub to the arcade box instead.
But at least this one is a good box with two T shirts and I am happy with my last box.

2 October 2014

September beauty boxes

Another beauty round up and this one is for September.

This was my lovelula September box and these are fab. Everyone gets the same and it costs £12.50 a month and is always well worth it.

This is my youbeautybox and it wasn't my favourite ever box. I couldn't use one extra and the others were meh but at least the October choices were better.
This is £6.95 a month all in and you always get the value even on off months.

This is my wantable box for September and it was really fab and I loved everything I got and especially the four shade blusher palette.
This costs $50.20 to the uk and is cheaper for america and canada and other places but well worth the money.
My next one will be my November box.

I have cancelled my glossybox and October box will be my last box but this box was a good one with mainly skincare which suits me well but out of this and Birchbox month on month I much prefer Birchbox.

September also saw me receiving my first 'My little box' and I am love with it. I am still using the laptop sleeve to carry around my ipad and blogger information.

My birchbox was great again this month too and gonna resub when my prepaid sub is up for redeemption.

There are my september boxes. Missing from these is the lipmonthly box which I only reviewed on youtube as it was meh, my memebox as it hasn't arrived yet, as it only shipped on the 24th, and my love me beauty because it hasn't arrived yet because they messed up my box then messed me around all month.
Even when it arrives I might not review as I don't want to rant at you.


Nerdblock classic September 2014

My Nerdblock Classic for september arrived mid month and I have only just got the time to review it.
For me it was a good box but not really amazing.

Degustabox september 2014

My degustaboxes for the last few months have been rather lack lustre and I was not too sure whether there was too much excitement in this box as the last few have lacked true value but thankfully this one is a little better.
I am still not sure if I will stay with them after this prepaid sub ends but I will have to look closely at what I am receiving in the next few boxes to decide whether to carry on or not.

1 October 2014

Memebox October code

My october code arrived today and will get you $5 off any order at memebox and if you use my link you get extra money when you spend $100 or $150.

You can use both once in October