1 December 2015

Day one non beauty advent calendars

As well as the beauty boxes this year I have been getting a few kawaii boxes and in the same vein I decided to find kawaii esque advent calendars so when I saw these tinc and smiggle advent calendars I couldn't resist them.
These are both stationery and toy advent calendars and look very cute.
also as well as these I have also decided to review the busy bees candles advent calendar in this post and show what I received here rather than on my which wax blog.

The first advent calendar has a toy shop theme and today there is a rocking horse on my door.

And inside is a slap band, which my son which my son will enjoy wearing. 
He's had a few from my geek boxes in the past and receiving a classic white band will mean that all can wear it as it is a classic design.

The Tinc advent calendar has a christmas/winter theme and also features the tinc characters. It has a folding design and is so cute but for me it feels a  little less childish than smiggle.
But it's what's inside that matters. So what is in day 1?

I had to laugh when I saw it was another slap band as it felt like a battle of the bands (in a different way than normal though). This one has rubber spikes and I have to admit both the design and the colour appeal more to me than the smiggle band.

The last one of my non beauty advent calendars is by Busy Bee Candles and was in my November subscription box. It contains wax melts and I really like that I recieved it as their melts have amazing throw and with this I will get festive scents all season long.

The first one I have is called elf Crazy and to me it smells like orange and a slight amount of spice. It isn't overly festive so could be melted at any time which is fab.

So there are my items for the three non beauty advent calendars for day 1.
I really like them and the slap bands definitely amuse me and I like the scent of the wax melt so I am really happy.
Hope day 2 is as nice.


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