22 December 2015

Day nineteen non beauty advent calendars

It feels really odd to fall behind to this degree but I'm hoping that you will forgive me and that you're enjoying reading these daily reviews for the advent calendars. Hopefully next year I will be up-to-date with the reviews and hopefully I won't get ill.
Here is day 19 of my non beauty advent calendars.

Once again first is busy bee candles.

Inside is a melt in the scent Rudolph's trail. This smells of forests and fresh air and just like you would expect a trip in a sleigh to smell like if you are going through the forests near santas house.
I love festive scents and this one is right up my street.

Next is tinc and thankfully there is an item in the advent calendar once again. 

Inside the door is this stocking that's a keyring and on the back is another space to write your name. This would be great for my sons school bag and I will probably keep it for that purpose for next year.

Final advent calendar is Smiggle.

Inside is this set of Smiggle stamps.
I have to admit that I like that the stamps are universal shapes rather than being festive shapes so you can use these all year round.
 My son really likes stamps so these are perfect and they were probably my favourite item of the day for my non-beauty advent calendars.
Really great item and one that will definitely be used in our house.

There are my day 19 items and for me the stamps would probably be my favourite followed by the scent melt followed by the stocking keyring.
Thank you for reading and I hope you're having a lovely day.


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