25 October 2013

My ciate advent calender came today. Yay!!!!

I was perplexed when two parcels came to my door today and although one was my expected Nonabox the other was rather unexpected as I didn't know my ciate nail varnish advent calender was going to arrive today.

The advent calender looks so nice and I am surprised by how luxurious it looks and how heavy it is.

According to the back, in the box there is the following colours:
Snow globe, boudoir, Ferris wheel, hopscotch, sugar plum, fit for a queen, kiss chase, amazing Grace, pepperminty, encore!, party shoes, confetti, members only, play date, ivory queen, locket, pillow fight, speed coat, underwear, caviar pearls frost yourself, caviar pearls Christmas tree, glitter jingle belle, sequins miss mistletoe and a secret full size paint pot exclusive to mini mani month.

You also get a funnel.

I say roll on advent now as I want to celebrate twenty four days with nail varnish.

24 October 2013

Unmentionably Cheeky October 2013

Lovely purple paper

Unmentionably cheeky is probably one of my favourite monthly boxes and it costs me less than 9 pounds a month to get three pairs of 95% cotton knickers including shipping from the USA.

October selection 

This is my selection this month in a large size. It is a nice selection and they are a good quality, even if they are under a tenner for three pairs.

Black with lacy trims

I haven't included an individual picture of the purple as it was same design as the black panties and these are sexy and flirty. I love the lacy trim and it doesn't tend to snag or tear in the washer or dryer and they tend to shrink so they still fit even after multiple washes. They are really comfortable and I feel cheeky when I wear these and my hubby approves.

Plain blue with Love with a heart in diamontes

These are rather more utilitarian but I really like them. The stones seem stuck on well and they are a rather pretty pale blue. Great for everyday wear and really comfy.

This is a really great selection from a great box.

a lucky week, in some ways, due to Love Me Beauty. Facebook prize pack.

My Love Me Beauty facebook prize pack came today and I am over the moon, especially as we are all ill with gastric flu in our house and anything that will cheer us up definitely helps. I really wanted the headline color nail varnishes as I am trying to grow my nails but I am really happy I won the rest of the products too.

Lustrous locks Vitamin Complex 28 tablets look quite interesting. With hair down to my waist anything that makes it better in appearance or condition is definitely popular with me. Will definitely try these and see if they make any difference after the two weeks supply I have. These cost £15 for 28 tablets from here.

Organic surge gentle cleansing lotion is suitable for sensitive skin and is in an organic rosemary and lemon essential oil scent. It is a good size at 200ml and would last me a fair amount of time. I look forward to using it after my current cleanser has finished. This costs £5.99 for 200ml from here.

Melvita Extra rich hand cream dry hands is a great hand cream that isn't too quick on application and has no real scent to it. After losing my hand cream recently I am ecstatic to have this in my prize box, especially it is mostly, almost 99%, natural. This costs £6 for 30ml from here.

Anatomicals don't clean it woman, scrub it body scrub looks like an interesting product. I rarely use anything that exfoliates and have never really believed there is a benefit of scrubbing but I might use this and see if it makes a difference or regift it. This product has an rrp of £3.50.

Melvita Orange blossom floral water is a great product. With a hundred percent natural origin ingredients and a fresh orange blossom smell it is great to use to refresh and tone your skin. My sample is 28ml but you can get 50ml for £7 here so my sample is worth about £4.

Moa the green balm is a 100% natural healing balm. I had never heard of this product before and initially thought it was lipbalm and was definitely proved wrong when I smelled it. According to their website it can be used on eczema and this probably what I will use it for as I get in my ankles and hands in the winter. You can get it from here.

Organic Surge super-intensive daily moisturiser for dry skin is another natural product and will be useful as I am also after new moisturisers to test. I like that it is for dry skin and it smells divine, perhaps due to the organic rose geranium essential oil. On application it is a rich cream and that means a little goes a long way so the 50ml pot will last a long time. This costs £8.99 for 50ml from here.

Eve of St agnes Body Balm Rose and Mango Butter is in a funky little tub and is a great body balm to apply to dry skin. the scent is pleasant due to the mango butter and it is always great when things don't smell medicinal. You can get this for £6 from here.

Headline Colors Nail varnish in Spotlight and Glamour. I have never used Headline Color nail varnishes before but these are great nail varnishes in silver and gold. Glamour, the gold coloured nail varnish, immediately got my attention when I saw it and as I had nothing on I immediately applied and it looks fab. It dries fast, even after a thick coat and I look forward to using these again. These retail at £9 each from amazon and other stores.

Such a great prize from a great company. They were my best box last month and have ben great every month I have had them so far. For more info on Love Me Beauty click here and my reviews of my September box and October box can also be found on this blog.

23 October 2013

Groupon flavourly box deal

My husband's first flavourly box arrived today and the box was a good size and was nice that it came quickly. I used to get Flavourly boxes but had to cancel when I started the paleo diet so I am really happy I can get them again and even happier Groupon had an offer so the box was £6 not £15.

The box once opened was fully filled and it looked very good value for the money I paid.

Kents kitchen Meal kits thai red curry has only natural ingredients and should be quite good. We have previously had their Korma curry and really loved how simple and easy it was to make and how good it tasted.
This retails at £2.30 for the kit at www.kentskitchen.co.uk

Clearly scrumptious simply cranberries are slice dried cranberries that are infused with Apple juice. They count as one of your five a day and would make a good healthy snack instead of chocolate and sweets.
This retails at £18 for 18 30g packs at http://clearlyscrumptious.co.uk/. So sample is worth £1.

Jaz and Juls Drinking Chocolate 'Quite White'. This is packaged in a really cute box and looks luxurious. I like that it has only a few ingredients and I can understand the ingredient list.
This retails at £2.60 for 60g at http://www.jazandjuls.co.uk.

Tea pigs 'Everyday brew' Tea temple is an extra sample given in this box. It is the everyday brew and uses whole leaf only and has Rwandan, Assam and Ceylon teas in it.

Oloves 'Hot Chili Mama' olives has only nine ingredients and they would make a great snack as they are only fifty calories and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
This retails at about £0.65 a pack and more info can be found at www.oloves.com.

Kintaro Wasabi Pumpkin seeds look really snazzy and would be another healthy snack. They are gmail free and have 6g of fibre per hundred grams. They will also give you almost twenty eight grams of protein per hundred grams.
This retails at £3.38 for 2 at www.kintaro.co.uk so sample is worth approx. £1.69.

Portlebay 'Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup' Crunchy Kracklecorn look really nice. We love popcorn in this house and this one looks natural and the flavour is enticing. They are high in fibre and would be a nice change to overly sweet popcorn.
This retails at about 79p for 25g.

My Olive Branch Greek Mezze 'Sun dried tomatoes'  has eight natural I ingredients and can be used in lots of different ways. According to the jar it can be used as a dip, sandwich filler, pasta topping or added to Bruschetta so it should be easy to use and a healthy addition to any pantry.
This retails at £2.99 from http://shop.myolivebranch.co.uk/.

Stoats 'Apricot and Sultana' Porridge Oat Bar has eight ingredients and is one hundred percent natural. it has 370 calories per bar and 5g of fibre per 85g bar.
This retails for £30 for 28 so just over £1 each

Eat 17 Bacon Jam was one of the main reasons I wanted to order this box as I have wanted to try it for a while as I heard good things about it. I look forward to adding this to toast and using it as a relish with main meals.
It retails at £11.96 for 4 for amazon at the current time so £2.99 each.

Naturally righteous Ginger and toasted sesame salad dressing looks like an interesting product. It is one hundred percent vegan and I just hope the ginger isn't overpowering as I went off ginger after consuming a lot when I was pregnant.
It retails at £2.49 at Tesco atm.

All in all great value for the six pound I spent as all in all it is worth a l of more money and has a great selection of mostly natural gourmet foods. Roll on November for our next box.

Rebel by Mellie George (may contain spoilers)

I love my rock star romances so when Terri Anne Browning suggested this book to her readers I was happy to give it a go, even though it is a new series and author for me. I was happy I did as the book was great.

The book centres around Everleigh and Ryder and shows what happens when two completely different worlds and characters meet.

Ryder Storm Matthews is the tattooed lead singer of Bad Blooded Rebel, a world famous band. He is 27 and spends his life chased by fame hungry groupies and photographers. His band plays hard rock and he lives a life associated with this genre with sex on tap and adoration wherever he goes.

Everleigh Grace Stone is a waitress in Muncie, Indiana, and lives a pure but anonymous life in small town America. A fan of country music she lacks confidence and worries that she is unattractive as she has a few extra pounds than what society deems acceptable. She definitely isn't interested in celebrity or money or tattooed lead singers of heavy rock bands.

Their lives collide when Everleigh's best friend Danni drags her to a Bad Blooded Rebel concert then takes her backstage to meet the band, whom to her sound like all they do is growl, scream and yell when they are on stage.
From the moment the eyes of Everleigh and Ryder connect there is a spark of both recognition and lust between them but all Everleigh wants to do is run from the attraction. Her history with men has been ugly and she definitely doesn't need a man hurting her and making her feel unattractive and unlovable after barely recovering from the last time a man used and abused her three years before.

But all Ryder wants is her and after a thwarted attempt of flirting at the concert he is happy to follow her to her hometown after three months of being unable to think about anything but her. Unfortunately this leads to trouble as her anonymous life is no longer anonymous and her life is soon absorbed by the travelling circus that is his life.

The book ends on a cliffhanger and that just leaves me wanting more from this series and from this great new author. Thankyou Mellie George for a great book and thankyou to Terri anne Browning for pointing this book out. Roll on the next book, Rogue, in this series and I am waiting with anxious anticipation.

More information on Mellie George can be found on her facebook page here.

20 October 2013

More empties... Oxygen, Simple, L'Occitane, BalmBalm, Ila

Been ten days since my last empties but five more products are finished.

Oxygen purifying honey masque
This product was in a previous Lovelula box (when it was Amarya) and I really love it. It was a small sample but lasted three applications. Only has nine ingredients and the second ingredient after water is nelson active manuka honey and it smells amazing for this reason. It was a great masque to use, although it was sticky, obviously, and I would definitely buy as a treat in the future.

Simple soothing facial toner
This was used as my staple toner for weeks and is great for sensitive skin. It caused no reactions and is great around the eyes and doesn't sting. I am now using one of my stored products but would definitely use it again.

L'Occitane Divine Extract
This is supposed to be a must have product and although it was good I preferred the Calm Serum I finished a few weeks ago as it had a better smell and texture. I probably wouldn't buy it but I got it free and for a freebie it was good.

BalmBalm detox bath and shower oil
The product I was saddest to see end. I am in love my BalmBalm Lip balm and this product is another hit in their range. I never fall asleep in the bath and this product with only 5 essential oils as ingredients it was a near miss. A great product and as it will give 2 to 3 baths it is a great alternative to a bath bomb from somewhere like Lush. Will definitely be buying again.

Ila Beyond organic Bath Soak for pure relaxation 
Another bath product and to be honest it doesn't really stick in the mind like the BalmBalm. Wouldn't buy again.

19 October 2013

Nonabox October 2013

I bought the September Box and was unhappy about delivery but this month I unhappy about the box and feeling annoyed I have signed up for another 2 months, purely because it was cheaper and I ended up paying less than twenty pounds a month. Although my son is a little over the maximum age I thought the first box was good and was happy overall but I was on the fence about trying again until I got a promo code and thought I'd try it out again.

The first item was the Cloud B- Sleep sheep on the go. He is cute and the sounds would be nice to fall asleep to. He is as beautiful as the sheep pillow from Cloud B we got from the first box and he provides me with something I wouldn't buy Edward myself and he got an enthusiastic cuddle from my son when he first met him. My only really issue with it is the stability of the sound unit as it is only Velcros in. You buy him here for £22.02

My second item is a singular babycup. It holds only 50ml and in a house when my son drinks a lot I would be up and down constantly to refill it and I can see no real difference between it and any other cups on the market that are a lot cheaper. They say they can be used to cup feed a newborn but I would be reluctant to do that. You can find the Babycups here for £6.66 for 4 but I only got one so it is worth £1.66.

I try to avoid giving Edward biscuits but these taste and look great and Edward loves them so that is great and would be nice as an occasional treat. The Leibniz zoo biscuits are £1 at Waitrose.

I got a pack of water wipes in my last box and they were good but are quite expensive and we rarely use wipes now Edward is almost fully toilet trained. The teas look nice but I have a lot of these samples as well as bought tea so not sure how useful they will be to me.

The water wipes are probably worth 80p per pack so about £1.60 in wipes and tea pig teabags are being sampled everywhere atm so worth is negligible tbh.

These boxes are supposed to fit children up to 2 but with a 2 year listed on my account I am surprised to receive a Pasito A Pasito rattle for him. It would be suitable for a younger child and I will probably give it to someone else or keep it for when we have another a child. It is a nice luxury rattle but is way too young for Edward.
The Pasito A Pasito rattle with bear can bought here for £14.99.

I recieved the Thai curry from Ellas Kitchen. With a full set of teeth we never use baby food but I will probably use this sometime with Edward. I like that it is all natural and I have used their products before, when Edward was younger, and I like their range but I think even an eighteen month old child has grown out of baby food in the most part.

These retails at about £1.89 each.

I like Horns and halos products and use their shampoo and detangler and bath products already so it is nice to try another product in the range. It smells divine and would be great for my two year old that loves having a massage with moisturising cream..

The Halos and horns baby moisturising lotion can be bought for £3.59 here.

Although the contents are worth over £25 this months Nonabox is disappointing as it would be better suited to a year old child and would be too young even for an eighteen month old child. Looking at other peoples boxes has also upset me as they were nicer and had more products in than my box. 

In my opinion, Nonabox really shouldn't advertise that they are suitable for up until two as they aren't really as the products are really for younger children.

17 October 2013

Birchbox October 2013 'Beauty Buzz'

Standard box, but tends to be a box that makes me happy
I just hope birchbox is as good as normal.

Funky Leaflets and useful bag
They have changed the format of the information in the boxes to cards from a magazine and they are really pretty and look funky and up to date.

my seven item birchbox (1 more than normal)
The subject of this month's box is 'Beauty Buzz' and it is much looks much closer to brief than Glossybox's 'Dark Romance'. I was really happy to see my products and they all look expensive and on trend with seven types of product with the normal being six.

Egyptian magic 3 x 3g foil sachets approx. worth £2.21
Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream is exactly what it says in its name. It is a cult healing cream with only six ingredients.
I have tried a lot of creams in the last few months and this has the strangest scent and texture I have seen in a cream. With only five ingredients I like that it is natural but the texture and scent mean I probably would buy it and after stealing the contents of a hive I would steer clear of bees. But on the good side I think it would be a good overnight moisturiser for the body as it sank into the skin quickly. Probably wouldn't buy again though.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Nude 14.7ml worth approx. £9.70
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser is a high quality cream offering a light weight formula to add a healthy glow as well as have an SPF of twenty five and a blend of vitamins that contain antioxidants.
This is a great moisturiser and even for skin as mine it is a light enough shade to be acceptable. It would be great in the summer sun and on cloudless winter days as it has an SPF of twenty five so I would be less likely to get the terrible sunburn I got earlier this year again.

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips 3ml worth approx. £2.30
Dr Lipp nipple balm for lips is a lip cream that hydrates and repairs dry flaky skin on your lips by sealing in moisture.
I am not really a fan of this and this is my third sample of this. It is really thick and a bit too like Vaseline for my taste. Would be great for the original purpose though and I will stick with my balmbalm lip balm.
theBalm cosmetics Stainiac Beauty Queen 1.2ml worth approx. £1.41
This is a two in one cheek and lip stain that gives a natural finish.
This will be used by me as a coloured lip balm and is a nice colour and is a lot more muted than the one that Glossybox had in it this month. I also think that despite the glossybox MeMeMe product being full sized it looks cheap compared to the Stainiac. Would definitely buy the full sized product.

Akane Mask Cocoon Nocturne 12ml worth approx. £7.20
This is a fresh Apple scented gel mask to help beat signs of tiredness and to hydrate thirsty skin.
Another product with a strange smell and texture. It looks a bit like a very thick moussy jelly  and the smell is rather overpowering. I have tried it on my hand and will use it as my night cream when my Nivea night cream runs out.

Ultra Dex Wire Free Interdental Brushes 30 brushes worth £5.49
These are wire free interdental brushes from ultraDex that gently yet effectively clean between teeth by removing plaque and debris.
I quite like dental hygiene products and this is the first one I have been offered. They worked well and anything that doesn't taste medicinal is great. Not sure if I would buy again though as I have very small gaps and it is difficult to get anything between them. Problem with a small jaw and not enough room for teeth.

KMS California Curl it up Wave Foam Mousse 75ml worth approx.  £5.62
This is a wave enhancing mousse that encourages curls while protecting hair from heat.
This mousse would be great if I used mousse. I don't tend to use products in my hair as I don't like sticky products and most products are sticky. This one is no different but it does give waves and tbh I might use it if I was going out somewhere I wanted my hair more stylish. I also like that it smells nice and not too chemical.

All in all the products are worth a lot more than the box and their approx. rrp would be £33.93. This is a great box and much better than my Lovelula and Glossyboxes this month. My advice would be go and sign up and enjoy the high quality good value products this company offers.

More information can be found here and if you use my referral code we both get £5 of points in their online shop. My code is:


Sealed with a purr by Celia Kyle.

Original release date: 21 August 2013

I have to admit that I wish I was best friends with Maya O'Connell. She has managed to put the world to rights in each book and this one is no different. As a married mother of a toddler myself, her advice and musings on raising the terrible twins are especially resonant with my own experiences of motherhood.

Anyway, maybe I should get back to reviewing this book and stop worshiping the lead of the first two books and the contributor of advice titbits in this book.

This book is the sixth in Celia Kyle's Ridgeville series. It centres around Tess and Harding following the death of Alistair McLean, who died in the previous book, Deuce's Wild.

Tess is an anomaly in the shifter world, neither fully human nor fully shifter, and she lacks any identity but that with which the world has given her. This is the identity which has been forced on her as her 'father', the maniacal polar bear shifter, Alistair McLean, has hurt a lot of people. Sadly, even before her own birth she was added to that list and is damaged by his input in her life.
Tess can feel the shifter inside her but fears she will change into the worst type of 'animal' when she mates and her shifter is allowed to take her through the change. She had feared this all her life so has never sought out her mate and hopes never to mate in the future. But she mostly fears that giving her shifter control will make her do destructive things and she will turn out just like the man who has always tried to act as her father.

Harding is a shifter that has a significant past that match his significant scarring. He is another anomaly, a rare white tiger. He has been always aware of this difference and it has been used to harm him in the past. He hates the idea of getting too close to anyone and fears they will fear and reject him due to his scarring and has damage of a similar degree to Tess' damage.

Their worlds, Harding's and Tess', are thrown together when Maya, and to a lesser degree Alex, volunteer Harding's help at the facility helping the sensitives and the other victims of 'Freedom' to heal. This is where Tess is located to recover after the compound she was imprisoned in was raided and she was rescued from her abusive life.

When they meet it is lust at first sight and they are well aware that they should be together but both feel they do not deserve the other but are drawn to each other. The connection is magnetic. Unfortunately, it is not the only strong reaction, as someone else at the facility is using their 'sensitive' skills to harm him.
Problem is this accelerates to attempted murder when they return to Ridgeville with some other residents of the facility. This attempted murder is a definite bump in the road in the storyline but to be honest it is this twist that makes the book amazing as it allows them both to see that they belong with each other.

After a recent funk in terms of lack of sleep affecting my reading I am so glad I managed to read this book without getting distracted by a book I have previously read. The characters were engaging and relevant and I could feel their emotion and heartaches as well as their joy to get their HEA. I would definitely recommend this author and I am currently anxiously awaiting Whitney's book in her Alpha Marked series.

You can find out more about Celia Kyle here.

16 October 2013

Hubby, lover of statement nails

I always love payday but this month we have started to save again as hubby wants a computer and rainy day money is always a bonus so money is tight. Thankfully I was able to use my Boots advantage card to get my nail varnishes so they were free. Always great to get a freebie.

I picked out a purple Sinful colors shade ( Let's talk 929) and hubby picked out this red nail varnish.

Sinful Colors Cross my heart 957

To be honest I have wanted a vibrant red since I started to grow my nails but finding the right colour is hard on a budget. I really didn't want to look like I was wearing a shade you would wear when you were playing with child's make up when you were 5 or 6 or that looked like it was cheap. This is neither cheap or overly garish.
Nice red nails

This sinful colors shade took longer to dry than 'Love Nails' but even after running around after a toddler today it is not scratched nor dented. It looks great on and will look even better in a few weeks when my nails are longer.

Sinful colors can be found here for £1.99 and more information on Sinful Colors can be found here.

14 October 2013

Glossybox October 2013

After a disappointing box last month I am really hoping that this box, with the theme of dark romance is better.

Last month was 'the London edition' filled with mainly non British products. The perfume was fit for an old lady, the eye lashes useless when I have little sight without glasses, the nipple balm a pathetic size and they sent yet another eye liner, the third in three boxes. The only useful product was the hair serum. All in all a terrible box. I just hope this one is better, especially as I bought a subscription that won't run out until the new year and had a Lovelula box I didn't enjoy, due to too many foil samples, so cancelled my Lovelula subscription this week.

I love the nails and lipstick on this picture and I have wore a very similar nail colour this weekend that was made by Ciate. This is a great colour palette for my pale skin.

The box was very light this month and did look very empty but I reserve judgement until I try the products.

Impress press-on manicure 58261 £5.99 on Amazon
This product is one month late for me. I gave up biting my nails a few weeks ago and at the moment they are growing best when not covered in anything, even nail varnish. These would look great for a party but would hardly be practical for a mother of a toddler. quite happy I got these instead of the foil samples some other people got though so I was lucky. Would be a good product to gift or giveaway.

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush cheek and lip tint 12ml £5.50 on Amazon.
Only product that is in the theme. The colour was nice against my extremely pale skin as with three coatings it was a berry red but tbh I wish it didn't taste so terrible. Also after painting my nails so often over the last few weeks I found it hard not to find it odd I was using the same applicator for my lips. Also looks even better coated in my trusty Balm Balm lip balm.

Killer Queen sample 1.5ml. Cost negligible as can get from perfume counters.
I do like this sample of perfume BUT I got this in last months miss glossybox box so in my opinion it was cheeky to give it me in the next box I got from them. I do however think the Katy Perry name carries a rather genric perfume and prefer something a little more original.

MONU illuminating primer spf15 20ml £24.95 for 50ml so approx. £10
This is a good product that feels good on the skin but feels a bit thick in application. It has an SPf on 15 which is great when you are as pale as I am, especially after burning pretty badly last summer and it is anti-ageing, which I also look for in a product as wrinkles are starting to emerge at the age of 31. The packaging also looks luxurious and 20ml is a fair sample for this type of product. I would definitely use this as a moisturiser as it did make me skin softer and brighter.

Premae Harmony moisturising smoothie serum 20ml £22.50 for 50ml so approx. £9
I really like serums and was really upset when I finished the S5 calm serum then upended my Matriskin serum this last week. Serums are always great as a little goes a long way and this product is no different. The smell reminds me of 'Lush' and I can definitely smell the coconut and lemongrass in this product and it smells good enough to eat. I like that it is allergen free too and the ingredient list is mostly natural and the top two ingredients after water are Light Coconut oil and Lemongrass oil, hence the lovely smell. But on the downside the packaging looks a bit cheap for a luxury product.
Would I buy the full sized product? Possibly.

All in all a good box for me. I like 3 out of 5 and if I hadn't stopped biting my nails and got the perfume last month I would have liked 5 out of 5. Well done Glossybox as it is better than last month and the contents were worth approximately £30.49.

 Glossybox is a sampling box for beauty treats. it cost £10 plus p and p each month and more details can be found here.