2 December 2016

Day two

It is the second of December and after some lovely goodies yesterday I am looking forward to getting more goodies today.

The first advent calendar that I will reveal today is by busy bee candles.

Today is a melt in the scent 'Christmas Cookie'. It is a sweet scent that is rather like the cookie scents from the larger companies and these scents are a mainstay of the christmas lines for many customers and for me this will be a great year round melt scent.

The next advent calendar today is by Youbeauty and this has a small aperture today.

Inside the number two door is this Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in the shade Rose. 
It has a lovely red tint and looking at the ingredients I am quite happy as the four largest ingredients in this lip balm are coconut oil, vegetable oil, beeswax and olive oil. 
On trying it I found that it was very soft on the lips and was very moisturising but looking at the ingredients it's not really surprising. 
this is also not tested on animals and I like the brand so really happy to receive this today.

Next is smiggle and we are opening up the snowmans chest today.

Inside are these wind up teeth. These are really cute and I will probably put these in Bean's stocking as he will really love using these.
My favourite item today for sure.

Next is tinc with a long thin box. I have to admit that I really like that there are boxes this year  as they give me so interest and it is like I am getting a little present every day (maybe next year I'll stick to only ones in this format for my own amusement).

Inside the box is a rather cute snowman pen. It has blue ink and is an item that will be very useful as I am forever losing pens.
Just hope I don't lose this cutie.

The final advent calendar today is from asos and this is a larger aperture than youbeauty.

Inside is this 5g packet of Batiste Stylist XXL Plumping powder. This looks really interesting and if my hair didn't stand on end I would really enjoy it but with hair like mine it is best given to someone else.

So, there are my items for today and it looks to be a great day and I can use all but the batiste powder and I am pretty sure if my hair was different I would probably enjoy that too.
But for me the order of preference would be:
1. Smiggle wind up teeth
2. Youbeauty burts bees lip balm
3. Tinc pen
4. Busy bee candles christmas cookie melt
5. Asos batiste xxl plumping powder.

Thankyou for reading.

1 December 2016

Advent calendar day one 2016

I'm back (although that is hardly a surprise if you are reading this) and it is to this blog that I have returned to restart my yearly ritual of showing you advent calendars.
It has been almost a year since I posted with regularity and hopefully these posts will be better timed than last year.

But, enough of that.
Here are my first items from this years advent calendars. 
Welcome to December 2016 and my day one items.

The first advent calendar today is tinc and the item was a luggage tag. It is really cute (as I expect from tinc) and I will probably use it on bean's luggage when we go on holiday this year.
Although this is a useful item it is not something that I was desperate for.

The next advent calendar item tonight is from busy bee candles and is a melt in the scent 'elf crazy'. To me this has a scent of mint and it is reminiscient to candy cane lane and candy cane forest from Yankee Candle to me. This is very sweet and would be a great scent for me all year round.

Onto the next advent calendar and this one is from Asos and is the first of my two beauty advent calendars this year.

Today the item is the New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish by Amie (25ml).
This is a deep cleansing treatment which contains rice granules to exfoliate the skin and work deep down into the pores to give the skin a clearer complexion and remove impurities, dirt and oil from the skin.
It also contains mango and orange blossom extracts to help tone and refresh oily and combination skin according to the amie website.
This item is worth approximately £1.50 for the size received.

I have to admit this isn't the type of item I use generally but I like that it doesn't use microbeads made from plastics after reading that they are polluting the planets and killing wildlife so if I was after an exfoliator I would definitely prefer one like this.

From the description and the packaging I'd think this was a 'natural product' but this has the first four ingredients as Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter and Cet alcohol. Since I don't understand most of these ingredients I do find the packaging a little disingenius but happy to try this but worried the cet alcohol may dry out my skin.

My second beauty advent calendar this year is from youbeauty discovery and it is the one advent calendar that I have returned to every year. It has always been good value and is a really beautiful advent calendar again this year and will give me a great variety of products to try again this year.
the first dor this year is very large though and it gives me high hopes that it will have a good start this year.

Inside the door is a small drawstring bag made from a velvety material which looked really fancy.
Inside the bag doesn't disappoint either as there was a 30ml tube of Aurelia Probiotic skincare miracle cleanser inside as well as a bamboo muslin cleansing cloth and a £10 off coupon.
According to the packaging this is a cream cleanser that you use on dry skin that will cleanse the skin to remove make up and impurities. 
It also says that has chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot and has 'BioOrganic Ingredients'.

Looking at the ingredient list though the main ingredients are Water, Dicaprylyl carbonate, Cet. alcohol and Glycerin as the first four ingredients. 
The ingredients promoted on the front are quite low on the list and although I will probably try this I worry that it may dry out my skin as cet alcohol normally does.
But happy to try this out and see what it is like.

The final advent calendar today is by smiggle and today's item is a yo yo. I will probably give this to my son and I like that it is a nice colourful yoyo and for me this is a lot more fun than the luggage tag and is the reason that I like it more.
It will be lots of fun for bean.

Here are my items today (excluding the elf crazy wax melt) and all in all it has been a very good day 1 for my advent calendars.
I like both the beauty items but they are both cleansers, although different types, and both are heavy on cet alcohol but I will try them. 
The lack of plastic microbeads in the exfoliator pleases me.

The two stationary ones also please me but for those the yoyo wins and even the busy bees candles makes me happy as I like candy cane lane and although I am unable to use that as it gives me a migraine this might be a good alternative.

So, here are my prefences for today:
1. Aurelia cream cleanser
2. Smiggle yoyo
3. Amie exfoliator
4. Busy bee candle 'elf crazy' melt
5. Tinc luggage tag

There is day one.
See you tomorrow.

7 January 2016

Complete advent calendar contents 2015

Here are the pictures of my advent calendars in the order of my preference of the contents for this year and here is the order.


Youbeauty has been the advent calendar that I recommended to everyone the last two years and this year didn't disappoint. I got this for just under £50 as I had a £10 off code and it was well worth the price and I will use it all apart from the tweezers.


Marks and spencer was fabulous for 2015 and I will definitely repurchase this year. It was £25 with a £25 purchase and it was fabulous value and I loved opening the little boxes every day.
A really great value and with more 'classic' products it will be great for all.


In third place was lookfantastic and this one is here as it was £70.70 which makes it £20 more than youbeauty and £45 more than M and S and I can't see the value.
I do prefer it to the others as I prefer the beauty calendars but not sure I will get it next year unless I get it on an amazing deal.
Not bad but I think it was a little too expensive.

This did have a day 25 item and it was a tangleteezer which you can use wet or dry. A nice extra that there is a day 25 but not sure I will use it as they add volume to my hair and I don't need volume.


Now we are on to the stationery advent calendars and the reason this is fourth is because for me the snake puzzle, calculator, spinning top and guitar pencil are standout items. 
The guitar in particular was wow wow wow.
Smiggle hit this right out the park, plus it had a plastic inner.

Smiggle had a day 25 item too and it was this light up spinning top. A favourite of my son.


Tinc isn't bad though and there are some items that I particularly like in this advent calendar but for me the issue was the lack of plastic tray.
I love the slap band though in this box as well as the santa's hat, stocking, penguin and elf eraser. Particularly useful will be the finger crayons for bean and I would never say never to this, especially if they have a plastic inner in 2016.


Ciate I got half price and for £25 it isn't bad but I wouldn't buy full price. I won't be getting it this year as for me it is an every other year calendar as I have so much polish.
The value at £25 is good but at just under £50 nope I wouldn't buy it.


Clarins is worst value for me this year. These are tiny samples that may look large in this pic but aren't. Bad value and would get Boots over this any day.

There is my round up of my advent calendar though and for me it was a good year and for the wax melt calendar was also great and would be above Ciate in terms of preference.

Thankyou for reading


Day 24 multi brand advent calendars

It is the final day for two of the three advent calendars. Look fantastic does have a day 25 so I will be on the box saying that in the contents post for all the advent calendars as well as the Smiggle advent calendar which also has a day 25.
But back to day 24 of my multibrand advent calendar.

Day 24 non-beauty Advent calendars

Here are my non beauty advent calendars for day 24.

Day 24 single brand advent calendars.

This is the last day for both of these advent calendars.

Day 23 multi brand advent calendars

Sorry that it has been another day but here are some more reviews for last year's advent calendars.

6 January 2016

Day 23 non-beauty advent calendars

Here  are my non beauty advent calendars for the 23rd December and to be honest it was one of my best days as I fell in love with a Smiggle item.

Day 23 single brand advent calendars

Here are my single brand advent calendars for the 23rd December 2015. These are Ciate and Clarins.

Day 22 non beauty advent calendars

Here are my non beauty advent calendars for the 22nd December.

Day 22 Clarins and Ciate advent calendars

As well as the multibrand I also have the single brand advent calendars and these are my Clarins and Ciate advent calendar items for the 22nd December.

Day 22 multibrand advent calendars

These have been delayed and I am sorry it is 2016 but here are the remaining advent calendar days.