18 December 2015

Day thirteen single brand advent calendars

For me the two single brand advent calendars are probably the most disappointing of the year. I'm not sure that I would buy either next year as I now have a lot of Ciate nail polishes to use so I wouldn't need any more thanks to this and the other year I had this and as for the Clarins I'm finding it generally disappointing because the sample sizes are too small. I really am not sure that most people would get this every year but it's nice to try everything.
But, here are my day 13 single brand advent calendar contents.

First for day 13 is Ciate.

Inside is a pale purpley blue. It is a nice pastel colour and would be lovely in the spring. It is called double bubblegum which is a sweet name and is the usual five mil size.

As well as the Ciate advent calendar we also have Clarins. This has a bottle shaped aperture and I'm pretty sure that I know what is in it.

As I thought it is their Eau Dynamisante. I have actually received one of these in a larger size in my gift set that I got free with the advent calendar. and 
I have been using it like a perfume but it says that it is for vitality freshness fragrance. On the back it is listed as a treatment fragrant and this is in a 15 mil size so it is quite small for a fragrance.

According to the Clarins website this is a body treatment and fragrance all in one with a spa fresh fragrance. It is supposed to be invigorating for women or men and moisturise, firm and tone with the essential oils of the patchouli, petit grain, ginseng and white tea. It says that it is safe enough to wear in the sun on the body.
Between this sample and the 50ml sample that I received as my part of my gift with purchase I think that I will be able to try out this treatment fragrance well and find out if I like it. I have tried it once or twice and I do really like the scent so this is actually a good fit for me.

There are my items for my single brand advent calendars and actually I preferred the Clarins to the Ciate but I would be a lot happier if it was a larger sample. It isn't that I dislike the Ciate it is just that it is a colour that I would probably only use in the spring.
Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a lovely day


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