17 December 2015

Day twelve single brand advent calendars

The final advent calendars for the 12th day are the single brand advent calendars which are the Ciate and the Clarins advent calendars.

Another Great London themed door today for Ciate.

Inside is another Ciate nail varnish and this one is in the shade a list. It is a Five mil shade and looks to be sort of a mix between a purple and brown. It also has glitter and would be a nice party shade for the winter. I'm not sure that I would use in the spring or summer but it is a nice winter and autumn shade.

We also have a Clarins advent calendar to open. This has a small aperture which tells me that it will be a body or skincare sample today.

Inside is a eight mil sample of their moisture rich body lotion. It Says that it has Shea butter and is for dry skin. 
According to the Clarins website this is a soothing comforting body lotion that contains peach milk, shea, candlenut oil and orange blossom.
This product helps to visibly minimise the signs of a ageing caused by sun, cold,heating and air-conditioning. It also is supposed to be really moisturising to help with smoothing rough patches on the skin and improve skin tone.

So, there are my single brand advent calendar items for 12 December and for me it is a bit of meh day.
 The moisturising lotion looks interesting but it is such a small size you will probably only get one application and the nail varnish is quite dark so I would only use it in the autumn and winter.
But at least both can be used.
Thank you for reading.

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