30 December 2013

December loves 2013

I thought I'd do my december loves to show you my current loves and because I can say that these all are products I would recommend, although I would need a remortgage to use the serum all the times. These products are all from beauty box companies, although two are from my advent calendar and one is from a free gift that I got with my christmas present, a six month Birchbox subscription.

The first product is the Neostem serum and I received it in my mybeauty box a few months ago. As it is over £50 I could never afford to repurchase it but it is so wonderful to get it as it sinks into the skin and is really creamy so a little goes a long way.
I really think it has helped with my fine lines and will definitely miss it when it is gone. More info can be found here.

I am rather lazy with body moisturising so this product is great and it is rose scented, which if you have read my blog posts before you know I love, and this is the Cinq Mondes Spa Paris Hamman rituals roses petal rain.
I received this a while ago in a box from Betrousse that left me a severely bad taste in my mouth about this company. I received half a box and was offered £4 in compensation for a few missing products and I was so angry that I would never buy from them again but I have this month to get this product and another product in this post again.
This is a body moisturiser and it is really easy to use and leaves my body soft and smelling amazing. It can be found in this box to purchase if you like rose.

This is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque I received in my Birchbox Christmas Box and I use this on days that I don't wash my hair. It makes it soft and looks incredible and is easy to use as it is wet hair, apply, wait, wash off. It is sadly almost empty and I'll be buying the 500ml one when this finishes as that will probably last six months for me if i use once or twice a week.
One of my favourites of all time.

This is the other reason for my betrousse order and is probably my favourite moisturiser ever as there is no scent and it literally just sinks into my skin. This is the Lilas Blanc Laboratoires Secret Eclat Jeunesse Anti wrinkle day skincare and I can't wait to get the one I have just ordered. To order your own you can get it here.

Another product that is keeping my hair great is the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil dry Oil mist. I've been using it after washing my hair or using the masque and it reduces the frizz and makes it softer and reduces the knots in it. I managed to secure a second youbeauty advent calendar half price and so I will get more of this soon, which is great and I may well buy this in full size in the future.

My final favourite product this month is my current night moisturiser which is the trilogy Rosapene night cream and this is another product that sinks into my skin. I love the rosehip scent and I am so glad I will get more in that second advent calendar.

And those are my December Loves. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all an amazing new year.


Sales haul (small one)

I was in Durham from boxing day until yesterday but not even time with family could stop me shopping. We had to pop to Boots to get a few essentials I forgot so I looked at the same things and got these two sets half price and a few bits and pieces my family needed. 

I needed shampoo but when I saw this at nine pounds I had to have it and the added bonus was that it had some shampoo inside it and the bag, now I am back in Birmingham, is perfect for my nail varnishes that were in a soft bag and now they are up on the shelf and stored more easily in this bag.

I really loved the headband when I was away to help me wash my face. I also really liked glad hair day and use it when I was up north and would probably use it but at the moment I have about a litre of Tresemme Shampoo and conditioner to use so I am not really buying more shampoo or conditioner as I don't need duplicates.
In this bag was:
The Righteous Butter 50ml. This is incredibly creamy and smells lovely and girly but isn't really floral or overpowering.
Clean on me 75ml. I don't have a shower but this will be great when I go away on holiday or for the weekend.
Scrub of your life 50ml. I also this is a great trip away size and love the pink bits in this product.
Hand Food 50ml. I like this but don't understand why this is included along the righteous butter as they seem exactly the same to me. I am probably wrong about that but I can't see much different.
Heel genius 50ml. I like the rest of this products but I dislike the colour and smell of this product and much prefer my peppermint foot lotion from the body shop.
The final  product in this is the glad hair day daily shampoo. I really like how soft it made my hair but the scent didn't stick and I have a lot of Tresemme so it is unlikely I will buy this again.

Hubby also got the games player from fcuk half price while we were there as he wanted a new toiletry bag and getting one half price was a good deal better than when we were looking at them the week before at full price.
Inside it there was:
300ml fcuk sport hair and body wash
200ml fcuk sport body spray
and a gym towel.

Looking at it closely after he has used it I think it is really good quality and the smell is pleasing and masculine. Which is great as if I hated it I would have to steer clear away from while he used it.
The bag has numerous pockets and I really like that it has a minimalistic style.
Such great value.

These were the things we went in for. Edward needed a new toothbrush and toothpaste and ours weren't great so hubby picked out these battery ones. They were really great but I am back to using my Oral B one now we are home. They will be great when we go away again though.

The paddle brush was because I thought I had left my one at home but I hadn't so it is now just a duplicate.
It's nice enough and does the job well and smooths my long frizzy hair well.


December empties

Here are my empties for the month in one of my old birchbox bags. There isn't much and it is all from old beauty boxes.

This is the organic Surge gentle cleansing lotion for all skin types. This smells strongly of rosemary and lemon and it was so gentle it didn't sting my eyes or upset my sensitive skin and it was great for removing even the most stubborn make up. I have another one in my stash and will use it after the holidays as I really enjoyed using it and it was very effective.

This is the L'Occitane Essential Water and I really loved how tight it made my skin and how delicate the green tea scent is. I got this as a gift and I would probably buy it again although the price tag means it is a considered purchase.

This is Mystic Diamond by eva diamond.I have extremely frizzy long hair and I quite enjoyed this product as it made my hair soft and shiny. The added Argan oil helped my hair a lot and i might use it again but at the moment I have other products to try out.

This is the cult product that is the Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley. I really couldn't get on with it and I wasn't sure if this was a bad tube but the smell really repelled me. I would have to work up my courage to use it again as it didn't even stay on my hair for a few minutes.

These are two samples of lavera moisturising cream that were samples from beauty boxes. I liked how creamy this was but I have so many creams I am not sure I will repurchase but would love it in another box.

These are both treatment oils and one is the ESPA Replenishing Face Treatment Oil and the balance Me extra care radiance face oil. Both of these oils were great and I love using a serum or oil before my moisturiser and after my toner so these were well received and were both excellent for my dry skin.

I love this Melvita Eau de Fleur d' Oranger and it has an amazing scent but is a quite gentle but effective toner and I would definitely use it again.


24 December 2013

ON the twenty fourth day of advent... ciate vs. youbeauty

On the twenty fourth day of advent my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 13.5ml pot of nail varnish in the shade 'serendipity'. This is a densely packed pink glitter polish and would be great over a dark nail varnish or even on it's own. It is full sized and I love it.

On the twenty fourth day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 100g bag of Roques Oneil therapie Himalayan Detox Salts. I tried these last night as they fell out a few days ago and was getting curious and found there was no real scent to them once in the bath although they were very fragrant in the pack.
I am much more of an oil person though.
Worth £8.75.


23 December 2013

Nails inc VIP membership.... too good a deal for me to ignore

A few days ago I was looking through the deals boards on a few sites and came across the VIP membership in one on the threads and decided that I couldn't go wrong with getting a nail varnish inc. postage for £5 as I had wanted to try Nails inc. for a while but had yet to purchase a nail varnish and this persuaded me.

Additionally benefits of this membership be found here. Really great value in my opinion.

When I signed up on Friday I was expecting to get this after Christmas as they said it would be second class delivery so I was amazed it came today, on Monday.
As the nail varnish isn't selected by you I was concerned that I wouldn't like the colour but I really like the colour I received, which was Richmond Terrace. It is a very dark brown and a wonderful shade for the winter below.

I also received the most recent catalogue from them and this has really nice products in it.

Here is the swatch of my nails inc nail polish on a piece of paper as I am currently wearing penguins but I will definitely try this on my nails in the new year.


My festive nails

These are my first ever Rebel Nail wraps and were bought for this years festive season as it is the first year I have ever had nails at Christmas, after only giving the nail biting up a few months ago. They were buy one get one free on Amazon so I managed to snag them for four pounds each which was a bargain as I love nail wraps and these were the best ones I could find.

I applied these yesterday and here are the pictures of the 'Christmas Glittering Penguins' pack I bought as my son told me he wanted me to wear these and in general it is easier for me to listen to him.

This is how they look from a distance as they are quite cute.

Here are them closer but I have to apologise about the glare as the light really hits them and makes them shine due to the glitter.

They are really super cute and my only issue is that a few of the penguins nearly got decapitated as I have tiny fingers and nails but managed to stick them further down so none got harmed in this endeavour.

More info on this brand can be found here and they can purchased from there or on Amazon.


On the twenty third day of advent... Ciate vs. you beauty

On the twenty third day of advent my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 5ml pot of nail varnish in the shade 'locket'. This is a silver overcoat and would look amazing over any solid colour nail varnish or on it's own to give a good sparkle. In my opinion best over a colour that is not too statement so the glitter won't fight for attention.

On the twenty third day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 10ml tube of Weleda Skin Food. I have a couple of small tubes of this already and both me and the hubby have eczema and this is a complete lifesaver in our house. It smells amazing and is also great on knees and elbows. Such a great product.

22 December 2013

Pre Christmas exhaustion... muses of a housewife

I'm not sure if it is just me or is this housewife and stay at home mother thing totally exhausting?
Every few months I hit the point of total exhaustion and that has hit today. It's Paul's last shift tonight and I hope to God that I can get a decent sleep over Christmas because I hope this goes away soon.
I write this blog mainly because it gives me a rest from the thoughts of potty training, toddler fashion and trying to teach Edward nursery rhymes, his numbers and letters. It helps me unwind to write either this or the fiction I write.

I am incredibly lucky, though, and have no real right to moan. My husband is amazing and all three of us are in good health with enough to eat and drink and a roof over our heads.
This Christmas I can buy him presents and I won't be alone over Christmas and I have people who will be for me, even on days I desperately want them to be there for me.
I reallly don't know where my brain is today but maybe I need to grow up a bit.... Anyone agree or do all housewives/househusbands feel like this at times?

On the twenty second day of advent... ciate vs. youbeauty

On the twenty second my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 10g pot of caviar pearls in the shade 'christmas tree caviar'. This is a multicoloured caviar that reminds me of christmas baubles with a gold, green and red colourway. They are very pretty and would be great all winter as they aren't too festive to use all the time.

On the twenty second day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 50ml tube of NEOM Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose organic Hand Cream. This is another rose product and anyone who has read a few of my reviews knows that I love rose but I can definitely smell the lime as well. I love that it is 83% organic too as you aren't putting junk on your hands. This sinks into your skin with little effort and I think this is due to the Argan Oil which I am loving at the moment as it is in everything and especially prevents my hair from getting overly frizzy.
I might drop this into my handbag as it smells so nice and works so well and it will be useful on these cold days.
This has a price of about £13.33 for this size and although this is expensive it seems a good price for a good quality product.


21 December 2013

On the twenty first day of advent... youbeauty vs. Ciate

On the twenty first day of advent my Ciate advent calendar gave to me:

A 5ml pot of Ciate nail varnish in 'confetti'. This is a great top coat and I have tried it on over my ultraviolet and it is very pretty and very festive as well as fast drying. It contains lots of different colours of glitter and is one of my favourite nail varnishes so far, especially as it looks amazing over other nail varnishes.

On the twenty first day of advent my youbeauty advent calendar gave to me:

A 30ml spray bottle of Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry oil mist.I have used this one before and this is a great product. It makes even my long frizzy hair straighter and more controlled and I really like that it has no scent and isn't ridiculously oily in my hair. I will definitely buy it again as it makes my hair look so much better.
This sample is worth £4.32.


20 December 2013

Yves Rocher order

Firstly I have to admit I have emailed this company twice about this order in the last two weeks, since I ordered this on the 5th December and they were in the doghouse about taking so long to deliver and or even do anything on my order. 
But now it has come and their amazing value has taken the sting off, even taking away the shock of this order being supposed to arrive in March next year. 
This was bit of a shock but following the products arriving and Edward's reaction at one product I will definitely order again from this company.
Everything in this order was £17.95 (paid for postage in that total) as I had a Glossybox promo code and I had one of the free gifts from Yves Rocher and there was three free samples. 
My, that is a lot of ANDS.
All these products can be found here.

This is the Collection Cacao Cocoa and Raspberry Home Fragrance. This one one of the items I bought in order to get the extras from the Glossybox code. I really like this spray and it is really refreshing and fruity as the raspberry smell dominates the product which is good as the chocolate could be too sickly sweet if it dominated.
We are bit of a fruit and chocolate obsessed family so this is ideal for us to have and a lot safer than an oil burner with a toddler.
A decent size too at 75ml and the bottle is minimalistic but that is part of it's beauty as it looks expensive.
This costs £9.50 on their site.

This product was one of the samples I asked for and I am rather surprised as it is a large sample to try at 30ml as I was expecting a foil sample. This is the Intensive slimming Action Anti Cellulite Dimpled Skin smoother.
This is an ideal product for me to try out as I have quite bad cellulite due to fluctuating weight in the past and I hope this works well. It smells nice and has a thick texture so a little goes a long way and to my noise I smell green tea and apples but that could be my imagination.
According the packaging it is triple actions as it is slimming, firming and anti cellulite. I look forward to seeing if it stands up to the claims on the packaging.
The sample is worth £5.40.

This is part of the Yves rocher free gift and is the Serum Vegetal3 Cleansing Milk. As this is a gift I won't be able to give you an opinion on it. According to the packaging it deeply cleanses make up and impurities and smooths out your features to leave your skin looking radiant and soft.
It is 200ml and costs £9.60 on the site.

This is part of my free gift too and another part of one of my Christmas gift. This is the Serum Vegetal3 Wrinkles and Radiance Dazzling Cream. According to the packaging this reduces crow's feet and wrinkles, reduces dark shadows and puffiess and light up the radiance in your eyes.
For 15ml it costs £17 on the site.

This is the last part of my free gift and the gift I will be giving to someone. This is the Serum Vegetal3 Wrinkles and Radiance Cream. According to the packaging this aims to visibly repair wrinkles, renew a deep radiance and regenerates the skin's cells.
This costs £10.50 on the site, although it is half price at the moment.

This is the Collection Cacao Cocoa & Raspberry Hand Cream and one of the items I got free with the Glossybox code and I am really happy to have as I have the Chocolate and Pistachio one and it is amazing and this one is good but not as good as the Pistachio one as the chocolate dominates in that one and in this one the raspberry dominates. They are both really moisturising though and the pistachio is one of my favourite hand creams so I am sure this one will be the same as only the scent is different.
This costs £1.95, same as the pistachio one, and is a bargain for the price.

This is the Cocoa and raspberry nourishing lip balm and this is probably the only product that I won't use very much. I am totally in love with BalmBalm and prefer it to this lip balm.
You can only buy this as part of a set so I don't know the rrp.

This was the other item I actually paid for and it is the 250ml Collection Cocoa & Raspberry Sparkling Shower Gel. I had to wrestle this back from my son when it arrived as he thought it was a flying saucer and that alone has convinced me to buy more as I want him to have flying saucers in other colours.
It is a nightmare to open but once it is open it smells incredible and Edward really loves glitter so it will great for him in a bath.
It costs £4.95 for 250ml and I would definitely repurchase, perhaps in a different scent as the chocolate orange would be nice to try.

This is 300ml of the Collection Cacao Cocoa & Raspberry perfumed shower Gel. THis is another product I will use as bubble bath as I have no shower in my house. It will probably used in my baths as Edward has claimed the glittery one.
It costs £1.95 and that is a complete bargain.

These are my last two samples and they are like wet wipes with the perfume on them. Neither really appeals and at the moment I am using the Body Shop Coconut Eau de Toilette and I really love it.

So all in all if you ignore the nightmare of having to chase the company twice to make sure I had by Christmas it was great. The value definitely makes up for the irritation as I only paid £17.95 and I got £60.85 of goods, if my maths is correct. I am in love with their chocolate scents too and will have to get more soon as it is limited edition.