30 September 2014

Memebox superbox #52 thumbs up! Beauty box

The thumbs up box was supposed to be the most asked for products but to be honest I think that there is no way that these are them and this is purely a box full of products they had excess of and wanted to put in a box.
It may sound cynical but looking at them I can't understand why I would carry on buying if this was the best of Korean beauty.

28 September 2014

Memebox superbox #53 my honey box

Some boxes disappoint and some boxes excel and this one is very firmly in the second category. 
I really love this box as there are seven full sized items in the box and I will use them all.
Add to that there is a sheet mask and a night cream and I am in a really good mood about this box.

27 September 2014

Lovelula September 2014

This month's lovelula was dedicated to organic products due to Organic week at the beginning of September and in a way I was a little concerned that the price points of the organic products.
I was worried that it would mean we ended up with tiny samples but thankfully this wasn't the case and once again Love Lula has managed to curate an amazing beauty box.

My little box 'My little Parisienne Box' September 2014

Sometimes a box comes along that wows me completely when I first get it and this month I received this box that was so wow that I was stunned and I am still over the moon with all that camein this box.
This is my 'my little parisienne box' and I am keeping everything as I am in love.

24 September 2014

Memebox special #32 omg 2

The omg one box disappointed a bit so in a way I was dreading this box and looking forward to cute 2 but in all reality this box was really good even if it wasn't omg enough and I found I was lukewarm on cute.

23 September 2014

Birchbox September 2014

I have fallen behind again as I have been ill but I hope to catch up on reviews today and tomorrow and the first review that I am bringing you is my Birchbox for this month that rocked for me for so many reasons this month.
For me this truly was a great box even if I didn't get a beauty blender as I had already received one from them.
But even without this is a great box with a happy days theme.

20 September 2014

Glossybox September 2014

My glossybox this month came in a themed box as it was the Karen Millen special edition. 
All in all I am happy with it, although I am cancelling Glossybox again as I much prefer Birchbox and want to try some of the new boxes.
However, with the glossybox new cancellation policy I will be getting one more box as I didn't cancel before the 14th... grrrr.

Memebox superbox #51 my cute wishlist 2

Everyone thought that the first cute wishlist was amazing and so did I. It was full of cute packaging and a large selection of products.
Sadly this one isn't so cute and to be honest I was debating cancelling number three but have decided to keep up but not order four when it is released.
This box cost $23 plus $6.99 p and p.

Memebox superbox #48 daily dose of beauty

I bought this box to use a code and some coupons as well as an automatic discount when I bought the princess boxes so this was a box where it almost paid for itself or did pay for itself, can't remeber which.
I didnt exactly have high hopes so it is a shock how much I actually love this box and how great the contents are, especially as I will use all the items in here.

18 September 2014

Memebox special #10 mask 4

When the restocks happen it really is a case of run run as fast as you can and luckily when a few boxes restocked on Memebox on friday I was lucky enough to grab this and second Cacao box.
It is especially great as I love masks at the moment and having already seen what was in this box I wanted it.

Memebox special #30 tea cosmetics

When I initially saw the tea box I didn't buy it and I only ended up buying this bundle as I really fancied the anti ageing 3 box and I had a few points to use so I decided to grab this bundle and I am glad I did.

Memebox superbox #50 anti ageing 3

A few weeks ago I had some points so decided to buy one of the bundles that hadn't shifted with it as nothing really appealed to me in the new boxes so I chose to buy this and tea cosmetics as I like tea as it is good as an anti oxidant and anti ageing 1 and 2 were very good.
Luckily so was anti ageing three.

Horror block august 2014

I am not feeling 100% so have I fallen a little behind on my blogposts so this is actually a review of last months Horrorblock.
This was one of the last boxes I received of my August boxes and was a good box.
This is a Canadian box and cost $32.49 American delivered to the uk. More info can be found Here

15 September 2014

September memebox codes

We have received our five dollar codes this eveing so I have decided to post them:

PSO4 is my five dollar off code

Also there are two other codes I have that last until the 29th September and one is:
AFFILIATE-6188-DCM30-JRXE and will give you $5 off on orders above $100

and the other is:
AFFILIATE-7154-BVV0T-BBSN and will give $10 off on orders above $150.

My affiliate link is here to use these codes or use one of the banners at the side.


11 September 2014

Degustabox august 2014

I have got a bit far behind so I need to catch up and finish off the August boxes and this box was one of the last boxes I received in August and was my degustabox.

I had a bit of a nightmare with my July box and would have cancelled after that box but as I am on a six month sub I couldn't and I am glad about that as box was okay and seven of the ten products were consumed and enjoyed pretty quickly which makes it a great box, especially as I am now desperately searching for two of those.

Wantable September 2014

I really loved my August box that marked my return back to Wantable so when the September boxes were released late August I ordered straight away and was really over the moon when I received this box.
It is my expensive box at just under thirty pounds all in, including postage, packing and all taxes, but the box is well worth it and one of my favourites.

8 September 2014

Youbeautydiscovery September 2014

This month is youbeauty discovery's 1st birthday and I was looking forward to this months selection and thought that it would be amazing but sadly it wasn't amazing and whereas some months I find it hard to chose it wasn't too hard this month and even my choices are a little meh to me.
Add to this that I can't use one extra and the other extra is a duplicate of an item I got from a latest in beauty box it isn't the greatest box for me.

Memebox scentbox #4 floral

The last scent box I received in my scentbox bundle is good value for money but is another not too exciting box. Having got them with points I am happy enough but I know for certain I won't be using one product although I think the other three products make up for it. 
This is my floral scentbox.

Memebox scentbox #6 sweet shop

I really enjoyed the first scent boxes so when these were offered I immediately purchased them as I also had points so all in all these three boxes cost me about five dollars (three pounds uk approx) including postage so either way I knew I was going to be happy but tbh I quite like these boxes and for the price of the bundle, under thirty pounds for the three boxes, even without the discount they were quite good value.

Memebox scentbox #5 tropical fruits

My scentboxes arrived last week and after a really hectic week I have finally got the time to sit down and finally write up my reviews. These were rather inexpensive boxes for me as they cost just under $5 for me for the set of three.
All in all these were great boxes and this one is my favourite with five full sized items and in this box I will use everything.

6 September 2014

August monthly boxes

I often find that the subscription boxes can get rather overwhelming if you order a lot and I probably have blog readers and you tubers viewers that feel the same so I have been doing these round up posts to show you all my August boxes.
I hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy writing it and looking back at what I received.

Memebox global #14

Around the 25th of each month I get really excited as the Memebox global boxes get shipped out and as these are generally the best bang for the buck in memeboxes I look forward to them.
Folowing this one I will be even more excited for them than normal too as this one is fab.

2 September 2014

Memebox special #21 hair & body 3

I ordered both hair and body boxes in the past and was really looking forward to seeing if this one was going to be any good after the first one was great and the second one left me lukewarm.
Thankfully, though, this one is better than the second but not as good as the third so I am glad I got it.
It has 6 full sized items and two travel sized item for the $23 plus $6.99 I paid.

Memebox special #16 omg box

There are some memeboxes that you really anticipate and that let you down. 
Sadly this box was one of those as although there are nice products the products don't match the theme as they aren't Omg.
But on the good side there are 6 full sized in here and these are nice and detailed below.

Lip monthly august 2014

I received my lipmonthly in the last few days of August and although it takes a long time to arrive from Canada it was well worth the wait this month as I received 4 nice full sized products as well as a full sized extra.