18 December 2015

Day fifteen non beauty advent calendars

I'm sorry that I am actually publishing these non beauty advent calendars first but I find that these are easiest to review for you so here is my day 15th of my non beauty calendars.
I hope you enjoy it.

This is tinc and thankfully I have got an item inside it.

Inside is this sweet green whistle and I really like it I also like the colour and the fact that it has a key holder and that will be particularly useful because I can carry it around on my handbag. Hopefully I won't find any need to use it but it is nice to have on there.

Next is busy bee candles and we have the bottom end of the snowman and we can see beautiful little brown buttons in front of the door for day 15.

The day 15 scent is sleigh bells. This is a whimsical spice and cinnamon scent to my nose. I really like it as these sort of spicey scents are just up my alley.

The final advent calendar is by Smiggle.

Inside is a star shaped slinky which gradiates in colour from yellow to green. I really look forward to playing with this and to my son playing with this as he really likes slinkies.
Really nice to get these accessories in the advent calendar as well as the stationary.
Gives it nice variety.

Those are my non-beauty items for the 15th day and for me all three items are really good once again. I particularly like the whistle and the slinky. The scent melt is also in my favourite type of scent so I will also look forward to burning that.
A real win win day.

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