22 December 2015

day eighteen single brand advent calendars

Here are the day 18 single brand Advent calendar items

It might be because I'm getting to the end of advent but this door is very plain and doesn't really excite me. It also seems quite small compared to the other advent calendar and to be honest I am beginning to regret buying this one despite the fact that it will let me try their brand.

Inside is 10 mL of the antipollution cleansing milk.
This looks quite nice and I will really enjoy using cleansing milk as I tend to find other cleansers such as oil cleanser can dry out my skin. This one also says that it is made from alpine herbs and moringa and it is suitable for normal and dry skin.

The Clarins website says that this is a soothing cleansing milk that will lift away make up and impuritie  with spa like efficiency. It also says that it will soften and tone and has plant extracts which include alpine herbs, St John's wort, sweet Almond, marshmallow and Linden. This will help to maintain skin in perfect balance for comfort and radiance and will also leave the skin soft supple and perfectly refreshed according to the website.

A bit of a dull door from Ciate as well today.

Inside is 5ml of Purple rain-bow. This is a glitter nail polish in a mix of different colours and would look great on its own or over the top of another nail varnish if you wanted to snaz up another colour. Would be great for the party season and I love the name as the name is really cute.

My items for day 18 thrill me a little more than the items that were on day 17 and I will enjoy using both of them.
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