24 December 2015

Day nineteen multi brand advent calendar

Here's my day nineteen multi brand advent calendars.

First is Marks & Spencers.

Inside is an autograph ultra shine twist lip colour. This has rather luxe packaging which is black and silver.

This is in the shade 'nud'e. This is a nice colour and it is a fairly dark nude which means that I could probably wear this.
In general I am more a red or purple girl but I'm happy to try this especially as it has quite a silky texture which is always a bonus. I think from swatching it it should also be rather pigmented which is great because my lips are very dark.

Next is youbeauty.

Inside is the beegood youth enhancing plump and firm moisturiser 15 mL.
According to the Beegood website this is suitable for all skin types especially mature and ageing skin. It's an intensive daily moisturiser which has which contains honey, propolis and raspberry seed oil. It also contains essential fatty acids that will help to improve the physical signs of ageing skin with a beautiful, youthful glow. It also has got hydraulic acid to retain the moisture in the skin and to plump and soften and also strengthen and tighten the skin.

The final advent calendar is look fantastic.

This item is from Bareminerals.

This is an eye colour in wearable plum light in a 0.28g size.
This looks like a nice festive shade and would be very nice to wear warm winter. I like eyeshadows in general so I will try this and see how nice it applies and how it wears. I also would be interested in seeing what the fallout is like.

There are all my items for today and my favourite would probably be the moisturiser followed by lipstick followed by the eyeshadow but all three are useful and also great as they are to my taste.
Thankyou for reading

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