6 December 2015

Day six non beauty

I knew that eventually my issues with tinc would come to the fore. But today I realise that there is a huge downside to there being no plastic tray at the back of the advent calendar. 
But before we get to that I will show you the two items that I received from smiggle and from busy bee candles.
Here they are:

Another colourful door from Smiggle today.

Behind the door is a little yellow popping ball. My son will really enjoy playing with it.
It's also nice to receive items other than stationary in the boxes too as most of the stationery items will be used by him from September so at least it was something fun to play with in the interim.

Next advent calendar that I have unboxed today is the busy bee candles advent calendar. This contains a wax melt.

Today's scent is frankincense and myrrh. This is particularly relevant to the Christmas story and has a spicy scent to it and will be nice to burn when I am feeling better. I really like that there is a wide variety of scents in this calendar so far as variety really is the spice of life.

Then we come to tinc.
This is where there are issues because I can show you the door.
Unfortunately the item,which was a small house shaped eraser, managed to fall through the back of the slot behind the door and has fallen into the back of the Advent calendar I think.
At the end of the advent period I will be having to take the back off in order to retrieve anything lost there.

Surely a plastic tray behind the doors would've stop this happening and would not cost too much on to the price of the advent calendar. 
Hopefully next year they will do this because if they don't it is very very very unlikely that they will do very well as surely I am not the only one this has happened to. I certainly wouldn't buy it if it didn't have a plastic inner in the advent calendar next year.

So, there are my items for 6 December for my non beauty advent calendar is. I really like the scent of the frankincense and myrrh melt and will look forward to using it. The ball will also be very fun for my son to play with. Thank you for reading this review.

I hope you are having a lovely day.


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