24 December 2015

Day twenty one multi brand advent calendars

Here are my day 21 advent calendars for multi brands.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I'm sorry that I'm still slightly behind but hopefully you are enjoying these and I will probably get up to date during Christmas Eve.

Day twenty multi brand advent calendar

Here are my day 20 multibrand advent calendars.

Day nineteen multi brand advent calendar

Here's my day nineteen multi brand advent calendars.

Day eighteen multi brand advent calendars

Here are my day 18 multi brand advent calendars.

Day seventeen multi brand advent calendars

Here are my day 17 multi brand advent calendars. Day16 was very nice so I'm hoping that day 17 is even nicer. But here are the items that I received.

22 December 2015

day twenty one single brand advent calendars

So close but so far to Christmas but here are my day 21 single brand calendar reviews for my Clarins and Ciate advent calendars.

day twenty single brand advent calendars

Here are my day 20 single brand Advent calendars.
These are Ciate and Clarins.

day nineteen single brand advent calendars

Getting exceptionally close to Christmas now that I am on day 19 of the single brand advent calendar.
Thank you for getting this far with me and I hope that you are enjoying reviews.
Here are the items for Clarins and Ciate .

day eighteen single brand advent calendars

Here are the day 18 single brand Advent calendar items

day seventeen single brand advent calendars

No huge amount of bumph before this review but here is my day 17 single brand advent calendars

day sixteen single brand advent calendars

I have to admit that having a wide range of nail varnishes is nice but I'm not sure how many of these I will use and now I'm not sure that would buy this advent calendar again but it's nice to have the Ciate.
It is also nice to have the Clarins this year.
It is a day 16 of my advent calendars for single brands.

day twenty one non beauty advent calendars

It's very odd that I'm now on yesterday's non-beauty advent calendar review. But I seem to be getting there and here are the Smiggle, tinc and busy bee candles advent calendars for yesterday.

Day twenty non beauty advent calendars

To be honest its quite scary how quickly we've got to day 20 and how quickly we getting through not just this month and advent but also through this year. The thought that very soon we will be in 2016 is a quite a scary thought for me.
But I suppose you can't fight time.
Here are my day 20 non beauty advent calendars.

Day nineteen non beauty advent calendars

It feels really odd to fall behind to this degree but I'm hoping that you will forgive me and that you're enjoying reading these daily reviews for the advent calendars. Hopefully next year I will be up-to-date with the reviews and hopefully I won't get ill.
Here is day 19 of my non beauty advent calendars.

Day eighteen non beauty advent calendars

And we are onto the day 18 non beauty advent calendars.
To be honest I think that non-Beauty advent calendars are slowly starting to grow on me and I am actually enjoying the items that I am receiving, especially from the stationary advent calendars. Granted that some days that tinc doesn't give me an item but I know that on Christmas Day can take off the back of the advent calendar and it will reveal all the items that I should've got and it will feel a little like an extra Christmas present.
That's enough of that, though, and here are my day 18 non-beauty items.

Day seventeen non beauty advent calendars

And we are onto day 17of the non-beauty advent calendars I am sorry I'm running a bit behind but hopefully I will catch up soon and I will hopefully getting all of them up by Christmas.
But here are the day 17 items for tinc, Smiggle and busy bee candles.

day sixteen nonbeauty advent calendars

Here are my non-beauty advent calendars for 16 December.

19 December 2015

Day fifteen multi brand advent calendars

And here we are up to day 15 on the multibrand advent calendars. I'm still in love with multi brand calendars and they definitely are my favourite type of calendar that I have done this year. 
Here are the items I received on the 15th day.

Day fourteen multi brand advent calendars

I have to admit I feel a little like the turtle but I am slowly slowly slowly catching up.
Here is my day 14 multibrand advent calendar review.

Day thirteen multi brand advent calendars

I am slowly getting there and here are my day 13 multibrand advent calendars. These are from lookfantastic, marks and spencer and from youbeauty discovery.

18 December 2015

Day fifteen single brand advent calendars

Okay here are my day 15 Advent calendars for the single brands.
These are for Clarins and Ciate. 
Thank you for your patience and sorry that I have been running behind on these.

Day fourteen single brand advent calendars

After addressing how I feel about the single brand advent calendars at the beginning of day 13 I don't need to address that again so I'll go straight into my review.

Day 14 of ciate is another plain door but this one has a snow print on it.

But inside the door is anything but plain. I think that this is a really jazzy colour.
This is a nail varnish in the shade Raspberry Collins. 
This is the most delicious raspberry colour and I think that this would be great to wear all year round as it isn't really a colour that will go out of style at any time of the year and it would also be absolutely wonderful with the glitter overlay.
It is the sort of colour that I really really like and the actual colour is quite unusual and I have not actually got a colour like this so I'm really happy.
A real happy bunny with one.

Next is Clarins which has a more decorated door.

Inside is 10mls of the Clarins instant light radiant boosting complexion base.
This is in the shade 01 and blends in nicely on my skin when I tried on my hand. It gives a nice sheen to the skin and looks to be a illuminator for the skin.
According to the Clarins the website however this is a lightweight base to give  illuminated skin and a flawless finish. It also says that it hydrates and soothes the skin with the katafray bark extract.
So it looks like it is a lightweight foundation.

This looks quite interesting and is light enough to use it on my very light skin. Also 10ml in this sort of product is actually a fair size to test out.

I am really pleased with my day 14 items for my single brand advent calendar and for me it was one of the best days for the single brand advent calendars so far.
The raspberry Collins polish is absolutely beautiful and I really like the base and will look forward to using it especially as it says that it is moisturising.

Thank you for reading


Day thirteen single brand advent calendars

For me the two single brand advent calendars are probably the most disappointing of the year. I'm not sure that I would buy either next year as I now have a lot of Ciate nail polishes to use so I wouldn't need any more thanks to this and the other year I had this and as for the Clarins I'm finding it generally disappointing because the sample sizes are too small. I really am not sure that most people would get this every year but it's nice to try everything.
But, here are my day 13 single brand advent calendar contents.

Day fifteen non beauty advent calendars

I'm sorry that I am actually publishing these non beauty advent calendars first but I find that these are easiest to review for you so here is my day 15th of my non beauty calendars.
I hope you enjoy it.

Day fourteen non beauty advent calendars

Next is the review for my day 14 non beauty advent calendars.
Once again I have managed to get three items which means that even from the start it is a good day.
Here are my day 14 non beauty items though:

Day thirteen non beauty advent calendars

Back to my reviews and hopefully I can get more up to date today. But back to the subject in question and these are my day 13 nonbeauty advent calendars.
Here is what I received in them:

First is smiggle which has an interesting shaped aperture.

Inside is a monster design bouncy ball. I think my son will really like it and it is really really cute. I particularly like the winking monster in the very centre with the horns. Strangely it makes me think of naughty children.

Next is tinc and very happily has an item.

Another nice item which is a keyring of a Christmas tree on which you can write your name on the back. This will be lovely for next year to put on my sons bag to label it.
This is great and I'm really happy that I have actually received an item in the advent calendar today.
Maybe I am easily pleased.

The final advent calendar I will review for the 13th is the busy bees candles advent calendar.

Inside is a scent melt in the scent Christmas orange. To me this smells a bit like satsumas and to me satsumas are a big memory of Christmas. A satsuma was something we received in our stocking every Christmas as a child and that is a good memory for me so this brings me back to my childhood.
A great scent and one of my favourite of this advent calendar so far.

So, there are my items for my non beauty advent calendars and for me the bouncy ball would come first followed by the Christmas tree followed by the scent melt.
All in all it is a very good day and I really like that I have received three items from my three advent calendars.
I think I'm easily pleased.

17 December 2015

Day twelve single brand advent calendars

The final advent calendars for the 12th day are the single brand advent calendars which are the Ciate and the Clarins advent calendars.

Day twelve multi brand advent calendars

I really am getting really far behind now but I still want to put these reviews up on my blog so this is my day 12 multibrand advent calendar review. These will show my look fantastic, you beauty and Marks & Spencer's advent calendar.

I really do apologise but I have been battling an extreme cold since mid November so it's hard to get the energy to write reviews or even make my YouTube videos because I've been so tired because I've hardly been eating and been coughing really heavily.
Pretty hard when this is the time that you really want to eat food and eat a lot of the festive food and you can't but enough of that and here are my reviews.
You may also noticed that this review has no Advent calendar doors and that is because I've been also having problems because we only really have the sunlight until about 3 PM.
But here is the review:

Day twelve non beauty advent calendars

The first advent calendars that I will review for the twelfth of December are these non beauty advent calendars

First I will start with smiggle and today we have a cute design with small children on the front.
The design on this is really sweet and I have actually got more and more attached to it over time.
There is a large slot today and that makes me wonder what is inside.

So the item today is this ruler and it will be really useful and I will probably give it to my son when he starts school in September.
It has a nice blue colour and has some really useful stencilled shapes. I particularly like the hearts and the numbers.

Next is the busy bee candles advent calendar.

Today's melt is in the scent Christmas comfort. To me this has a hot zesty scent and I can also smell fruit. It is right up my alley and I think I will really enjoy using this melt.

The final advent calendar today is tinc and sadly once again today there is no item in my advent calendar.

For the 12th day for my non-beauty advent calendars I have had a bit of a mixed day. For me Smiggle was a really good day and I really like the ruler and the melt is really nice, especially as it is a spice and fruit melt.
But it is beginning to irritate me that tinc often has no items in the advent calendar because they fall through into the back. I think if it happened once or twice it wouldn't be so annoying but it seems to be on a roll.
So annoying.


13 December 2015

Day ten single

Here is the final review for my day 10 advent calendars and this is my single brand event calendars, which come from Clarins and Ciate.

Day ten multi brand advent calendars 2015

It's all about the face today with my multibrand advent calendars. Lots of lips and some face.
Here are my multi brand items for the tenth of December:

11 December 2015

Day nine single brand advent calendars

And now we are on to my single brand calendars. These are great for getting more familiar with a single brand but have less value than the multibrand advent calendars.
I'm not sure that I would get these again unless they were heavily on offer but so far they have given me a good glimpse into Clarins and into Ciate.
But here are my day nine items that will give me some more familiarity.

day nine multi brand advent calendars

Day nine was another great win day but if you have watched my YouTube video you know that my big fat thumb managed to make one big mistake.
However the company involved are sending out a new sample which is really good but I will get into that more when I get to the sample in question.
Here are my day and nine items from my multibrand advent calendars.

Day ten non beauty advent calendars

Another day another three items in my non-beauty advent calendasr so I think that I'm on a bit of a winning streak. Also I have to admit that today I like it the items even more than yesterday too and I hope that you are enjoying these on boxing.
But, enough jibber jabber and here are my day 10 items:

I see the aperture and I am absolutely filled with dread. This was the same shaped aperture as the last Smiggle item that put up a real fight. So I have a good inkling that it will be another lollipop scented highlighter.

And it is one of those one of those items. This is a pink highlighter with a slight berry scent to it. Thankfully this one didn't put up a fight and I didn't get it all over my hand and it will be nice to use and I will probably use it myself rather than giving it to my son because the likelihood is with this it will be rather messy and he will highlight everything.

Next is tinc and seeing a pen shaped aperture I got worried but thankfully there was something inside there.

Inside is a pen with the barber pole esque design which also has Santer on one side. It is a blue ball point and it writes quite nicely. It's a nice pen but nothing really special I have to admit that I prefer the pen with a skirt on that I received earlier in the month from smiggle.
But it definitely will be used and is useful.

The final calendar today for my non-beauty is my busy bee candles advent calendar.

And today is Christmas spice. This is a warming and spicy scent that will be lovely for this cold weather.

So, there are my items for today and all in all it is a very good day. The pen is very cute as is the highlighter. I will also enjoy the wax melts.
Roll on tomorrow.

Day nine non beauty advent calendars.

Today there will be less moaning and groaning because I have actually received three items on my non beauty advent calendar.
But enough of that and here are the items that I received on the ninth day of advent for my non beauty advent calendars:

9 December 2015

Day eight non beauty

I can feel another rant coming on with my non beauty advent calendars and I feel bad for tinc but in the realm of advent calendars I have never had this experience and I have been unboxing the beauty ones for two years and had chocolate ones for more years than I can remember.
But back to my review and another day of the mysterious invisible tinc item:

8 December 2015

Day eight single brand

The single brand advent calendar are always quite useful if you wanna try particular brand out and this year I am particularly interested in trying out the Clarins and I also got this Ciate one because I got it on an offer code.
But, enough of that and I'll show you what items I got today on 8 December:

Day eight multi brand

Some calendars seem to get better and better and at the moment I think that those are the multi brand advent calendars.
And today is another fab day.

Day seven non beauty advent calendars

And as well as my beauty advent calendars  as I have also unboxed  my non beauty calendars today. I'm glad though that today I have received all three items for my non-beauty advent calendars however I know all the people haven't but here's what I received today:

Day seven single brand advent calendars

Hopefully today I can get up-to-date. I know that I am slightly behind but here are my single brand advent calendars.

Day seven multi brand advent calendars

Here are my multi brand Advent calendars which come from Youbeauty, Lookfantastic and Marks and Spencer.

6 December 2015

Day six single brand advent

With a mix of a meh and a good review I am looking forward to seeing my single brand advent calendars today. Clarins has been a bit of a mixed bag but I'm enjoying trying different things from their product range and I'm also enjoying Ciate.

Day six multi brand advent calendars

After issue with my non beauty advent calendars I'm hoping that this will be better than that. 
I'm quite enjoying my multibrand advent calendars so I'm really looking forward to unboxing my lookfantastic, you beauty, and Marks & Spencer advent calendars.
So, here are the items for 6 December.

Day six non beauty

I knew that eventually my issues with tinc would come to the fore. But today I realise that there is a huge downside to there being no plastic tray at the back of the advent calendar. 
But before we get to that I will show you the two items that I received from smiggle and from busy bee candles.
Here they are:

Day five single brands advent calendars

I apologise that this is a day late but this is my single beauty advent calendar review for the 5th December.
These are my Ciate and Clarins items.

5 December 2015

Day five non beauty advent calendars

I have to say that I am sorry that these are coming out late but I am struggling with a virus at the moment which is leaving me exhausted but I will try to get them up as quickly as possible, but I also may come back and edit too if I think things needs correcting when my head is a little clearer.

And to that point here is my non beauty advent calendars for 5th December.

Day five multi brand advent calendar

In general the multi brand advent calendars have not been disappointing unlike the single brand or some of the non beauty items, so it is always great to open these.
Today is not a disappointment either and here is what I received:

4 December 2015

Day four non beauty advent calendars

And, finally today here are my non beauty advent calendars which are, in my opinion, a lot better than the single brand advent calendars.

Day four single brand advent calendars

Another day, another opportunity to try Ciate and Clarins and to be honest I am pretty meh with the items that I received today. Neither I would pick out but such is the luck of the draw.

Day four multi brand advent calendar

Another day, another mini beauty box of items for me (that is how it is feeling now) and I am just glad that I have mostly managed to keep up as I have to admit that this has been a busy week and it is about to get busier as I have plans with my family this weekend.

But back to the advent calendar. Here are the items that I received in my advent calendars from m and s, youbeauty and lookfantastic today:

3 December 2015

Day three non beauty advent calendars

The final advent calendars to review today are my non beauty and these consist of two stationery calendars (tinc and smiggle) as well as the busy bee candles advent calendar.

Day three single brand advent calendar

As well as my multi brand advent calendars I have also opened the single brand advent calendars today and for me it has been a good day again as  I get to try more Clarins and also it is a colour I like from Ciate.
But enough talking, here they are:

Day three multi brand advent calendars

Another day, more doors and to be honest I am really happy with what I have received so far from my calendars and I am looking forward's to today's goodies.

M & S is always a nice one to start with and today's box is really sweet and covered in 3. It feels heavier again today and that makes me smile.

Today's item is the Cowshed grumpy cow uplifting body lotion and it is in a large 100ml size. This has a citrus scent and I really like it as it is juicy and zesty without being overpowering. It is also nice to receive this as I have never tried anything from this brand before.
The full size is 300ml and £20 so this is worth £6.66.

Next advent calendar I will look at is my mystery advent calendar, lookfantastic.

Today I am really impressed with this one as I have received 10g of the Glamglow supermud clearing treatment. This is probably my favourite mud mask ever and out of the two glamglow masks this is my favourite as I feel it is more cleansing on my skin and I prefer it.
I have a blog post on this here.
The full sized product is 34g and costs £44.99 so this is worth £13.23 which seems expensive but I will probably get three applications from the small tube as a little goes a long way.

The third advent calendar to open today is the youbeauty and it is a smaller door today.

It amuses me that it is another cowshed item and is definitely something I would use as it is the cow pat moisturising hand cream in a 50ml size. It is another fruit scented product and I really like the scent.
Hand creams are also one of my favourite bodycare products to receive so it is much appreciated.
This is full sized and worth £8.

So, there are my day three goodies and it is actually a very good day. All three items are really nice and I am happy with all but in particular the cowshed as I already have a few glamglow samples in my stash.
Both of the cowshed products are large and the hand cream in particular will be nice to use.


2 December 2015

Day two non beauty advent calendars

We are back to my non beauty advent calendars and I have to admit that every year there is one advent calendar that ticks me off and this year it may well be swiggle.
I had a very big argument with their item today and that has left me in a grrr mood.
But here are the contents of my swiggle, tinc and busy bees advent calendars today.

Day two multi brand advent calendars

So, it's day two and we are getting closer to Christmas (yikes!) and looks like there is more nice goodies today.

Day two single brand advent calendar

Day 1 went really well with all my advent calendars so I looked forward to day two and luckily they all seem to be great including these items from my single brand advent calendars, Ciate and Clarin, even if one does have a small niggle.

1 December 2015

Day one non beauty advent calendars

As well as the beauty boxes this year I have been getting a few kawaii boxes and in the same vein I decided to find kawaii esque advent calendars so when I saw these tinc and smiggle advent calendars I couldn't resist them.
These are both stationery and toy advent calendars and look very cute.
also as well as these I have also decided to review the busy bees candles advent calendar in this post and show what I received here rather than on my which wax blog.

Day one single brand advent calendars (Clarins and Ciate)

As well as the multibrand advent calendars this year (lookfantastic, youbeauty and m and s) I have also got two single brand advent calendars and these are Ciate and Clarins.
I did buy the Ciate calendar two years ago and decided to get it again after seeing a code on money saving expert to get it for £25 and because I found that I like having so much selection when I paint my nails.
The Clarins was much more of an impulse though as I've seen their brand advertised but have never tried their skincare and as they had a good deal on with some free gifts I thought 'why not?'
 Hopefully between those samples and my advent calendar I can decide how much I like this brand.

Day one multi brand advent calendars

Okay, I'm back guys and today is the first day of Advent and Christmas is getting extremely close, which is frightening as it feels like it was just summer, well as how much summer as we get in the UK.
But back to the cold and the subject of advent calendars.
Here are the items in my multi brand advent calendars i.e. m & s, youbeauty and lookfantastic. But enough talking, here's what I received: