30 November 2013

On the first day of advent...ciate vs. youbeautydiscovery

I have to admit that I opened this box last night as I have church this morning and I wanted to do it while I was not rushing around like a headless chicken. This year I got these two advent calendars as early Christmas presents and my hubby had two Playmobil for him and my son and Edward has a Peppa Pig chocolate one.

Okay, so what has Ciate and YouBeautyDiscovery given me for my first day?

Ciate Advent Calendar Day 1 

On the first day of advent my Ciate Advent Calendar gave to me:

A mini (5ml) nail varnish in Snow Globe. I have this in a full sized product but I can't find it but I have to admit I did shout 'Who's the daddy?' when I saw it for that reason. It is a clear varnish with silver sparkles and is ever so cute in it's tiny size. I sadly can't show this one on atm as my nail wraps are hanging on and I am reluctant to remove them as they look so funky.

Youbeautydiscovery Advent Calendar Day 1 

On the first day of advent my Youbeautydiscovery box gave to me:

A Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask 10ml sample. I used this last night and absolutely loved the smell. It smells a lot like my Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night cream that I have just finished so I am really happy to use it as I love the smell.

In my booklet it is described as an instant treatment for days when the face is tired, lined and drawn with a sallow complexion. I am guessing they have met me as I am like this as my toddler has a cold atm so I look exhausted. It will also, according to the booklet, leave my complexion plump, smooth and radiant. Sounds good.

I used it last night and it sank into my skin well and I will have to see how it helps improve how my skin looks over the next few weeks. This product is £83.70 price match at the moment for 60ml on John Lewis which is quite expensive but it is a luxury product. So, on my calculations the rrp of my sample would be £13.95. 

So, all in all a good day. Roll on day 2.

28 November 2013

NCLA nail wraps 'It don't matter'

I received these in my lipfactory box quite a long time ago and never used them as I bit my nails at the time but I discovered them in my nail box a few days ago and decided to wear them until Sunday when my advent calenders start and I get lots of Ciate nail varnishes.

To be honest in the packaging they look plain but as you can see below on your fingers they look fab.

I love the coordinating but different patterns and they were easy to apply and are extremely funky and after 24 hours they haven't shifted and still look amazing.

Thank you NCLA for my great nails....

More info and further patterns can be found here.

Nonabox November 2013

Nonabox is a sub service for mothers to be and children up to two. Although my son is now 26mths I signed up to three more months in Oct and hoped the boxes for a two year old were right for him. Sadly I was supremely wrong. This months box is completely unsuitable in various ways and you will see why as I review it. On the nice side it is a pretty box and great for storing my beauty supplies. On the bad side before we even get to the delivery I have to mention is 28th November and it is scraping it to get it for December. Got told it would be here early this week but I find it unlikely Thursday is early in anyone's book.

The leaflet was very pretty this month and I was really excited when I saw it as the recipe was a lovely touch.

 Ok, onto the items. The first item is a changing bag from Jojo Maman Bebe. It is a nice enough bag and has a retail of £15 but at 2yrs he is almost fully toilet trained and I have really had enough changing bags by this time as would most people who had even a year old child. Nowadays we use my goliath of a handbag day to day.
To be honest, I also would never been able to use it from even three months with my son as it wouldn't have been able to have the capacity for cloth nappies.

The second item is a Jojo Maman Bebe packaway pocket highchair. It says in the catalogue that it is usable up to 30 months but I doubt that it would be safe once a child wants to stand up when they should be seated.... makes me shudder at the thought tbh. The product retails at £14.

 Not sure if these class as two, one and no item but either way they are rather pathetic for a luxury box. Both are 7ml and are samples of Humphrey's corner natural shampoo and natural bubble bath. I hate foil samples tbh as they only give one sample of the product and aren't resealable. We are a horns and halos house too so I won't use it anyhow. Product worth is neglible tbh.

I really wonder if this box should have the message 'this comes to you this month sponsored by Jojo Maman Bebe' as this is the third product I have by them this month. It is a henry rabbit comforter by them and retails at £9. It is not an offensive product but once again age inappropriate for a two year old.

The only really age appropriate thing in my box and they are two £2.99 books from Egmont. They are Fireman Sam 'The Runaway Santa' and Mr Men 'the Christmas Tree'. They are nice for his age and for the season but really disappointed they the only age appropriate thing here.

This got the biggest laugh as it is Plum Stage 1 Weaning baby's first four grain porridge. At two years old my son has most of his teeth and definitely doesn't need this. Costs £2.29 direct from Plum.

To be honest I really think that the whole concept of the Nonabox is a good one and it has done well in the other companies but it really is mainly miss than hit when it has been brought out over here. Delivery is late in the month when it originally said it would be early in the month and the products rarely match the age of the child. I am very glad I did 3 rather than 6 months and so glad December is my last box. Suffice it to say I wouldn't recommend it.

20 November 2013

Flavourly November 2013

My Flavourly box for November arrived today and on opening it I noticed it was heavy and very full.

The first product is the Mr. Fitzpatrick's Temperance Drinks Blood Tonic Cordial 500ml. This looks great and will be good for me as I rarely drink and it is hard to find grown up soft drinks.
This costs £4 at the maker's store.

The second product is 45g of On the pulse Fiery Spanish Chilli Giant Roasted Corn Nuts. These should be fun. I love spicy food and nuts so they should be perfect for me.
These are £1 a pack on the maker's site.

The third product is 40g of Taste Spice chicken rub with aromatic bay & thyme. We had a rub from this company and enjoyed it so I will probably enjoy this one too. It only has natural ingredients with paprika, garlic, onion, celery seeds, thyme, peeper, bay and sea salt.
This costs £2.75 on the maker's site.

The fourth product is 20g of Perry Court Farm air dried apple crisps: sweet. The only ingredient is apple and they only have 70 calories so would be great shared between me and my two year old son as a healthy snack.
These cost 50p a packet

The fifth product is 250g of On the pulse Baked Beans Mexican Chipotle Bean Bag. These only have natural ingredients and will be great to test as the whole family love baked beans and these are great as they are low salt and high fibre.

This cost £1.50 on the maker's site.

The sixth product is 60g of Inspiral Loveberry Superfruit Bites. These are raw snack bites that release energy slowly are 100% natural and gluten free. Another great snack for me and my son.
These are £1.39 a bag on the maker's site.

The seventh product is 50g of MunchySeeds Choccy Apricot. These were a great taste gold winner in 2010. They are belgian chocolate coated sunflower & pumpkin seeds with apricot and they are high in fibre, zinc, vitamin e and calcium. They look really good.
These are £1.50 on the maker's site.

The eighth product is 60g of Bird & Wild Organic Ground Coffee from Yeti farm Ethiopia. This is a great taste winner in 2013 and as I love coffee I look forward to trying it especially as I want to see if it being organic affects the taste.
It is worth about £1.20.

The products are worth approx.£13.84 so more than the box cost minus postage. All in all a good box with products I am interested in but not ones I would routinely buy.

Love Me Beauty November 2013 Mystery box

I was so excited by my Love Me Beauty box this month as I picked the mystery box.

On first inspection I am overjoyed as it is mainly skin care and the boxes were mainly cosmetics this month so I went with mystery to see what I would get.

My first item is the anatomicals don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub 200ml. This is probably the product I will use the least as I mainly take baths not showers and it is also a duplicate as I got it in my prize pack last month.
It has rrp of £3.50

The second item is the organic surge super intensive daily moisturiser 50ml. This is a great product for me as it is for sensitive dry skin and that is me to a T. It has a nice smell due to the organic rose geranium essential oil and I look forward to using it.
It has a rrp of £9.60 according to amazon.

The third item is the organic surge gentle cleansing lotion 200ml. This is for all skin types but will great as it has a smell of green tea and chamomile and has been tested on sensitive skin.
It has a rrp of £5.95.

The fourth item is the balmbalm indulge bath & shower oil. I had the detox one of this a few months ago and I am really excited to have this in my surprise box. The smell is nice and the ylang ylang, patchouli & clary sage is really nice and I look forward to using it.
It has a rrp of £6.

The fifth item is the le soin purifiant absolution 40ml. This is a skin renewing mask that rids the skin of impurities and restores radiance and vitality with the ingredients of birch sap and white clay.
It has a rrp of £24 for 50ml so this is worth about £19.20.

The sixth item is the art deco hydro lip booster 6ml in 39. It is  really nice neutral colour and it feels great on my lips.
This has a rrp of £11.50.

So I got 5 full size and an almost full sized sample and I am amazed at what I got especially as some of my boxes have upset me this month and was hoping this wouldn't. It didn't and the combined rrps are £54.75 which is amazing.

More info can be found on Lovemebeauty here and my referral code is below:


Unmentionably Cheeky November 2013

I always look forward to Unmentionably Cheeky's monthly panty delivery from America and this month is no different. Sad, I know but such is life.

I love the purple tissue paper as it makes it very luxurious.

My first pair a dark baby blue and have lace panels enclosing the cotton panels. They are rather pretty and feel substantial and not cheap as some people would assume they would feel for the price.

The second are pale pink with a small v of lace on the front over the cotton. They are pretty and very nicefor everyday.

Being a pink and lacy girly person in general these are my favourite and are very pink and lacy. They are so sexy and my only issue with these is that I really have to watch I don't ruin them by snagging them with my fingernails.

Once again a complete success from Unmentionably cheeky. I got three different styles in different colours and I am very happy. For less than £9 delivered from america I am very happy and look forward to next month.

More information on Unmentionably cheeky can be found here.

18 November 2013

The youbeauty advent calender arrives!!!!

My arrived a few weeks ago but with everything going with my writing for NaNoWriMo I have only just got the time to write about in now. I just have to say that this box is HUGE. It is a lot bigger than I expected and won't fit where I was going to put it.

Looking inside it the contents are going to be:
Dermalogica Ultra Calming set
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Espa Optimum Skin Proserum and the Espa refining Skin Polish. additionally there is a £15 gift card in there.
DR Organic Dead Sea Mineral Eye Rollerball
Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream
Sisley Masque Creme a la Rose Noire
The Vintage Company Tweezers
Bioeffect EGF Serum
Model Co Mascara
Green People Anti Age Eyeliner
Stila Lip Glaze
Inika Mineral Eye Shadow
Neom Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Hand Cream
Weleda Skin Food
Leighton Denny Nail Varnish in Vamp
Caudalie Limited Edition Hand & Nail Cream
Dr Lipp Lip Balm
Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist
Steamcream Moisturiser
Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray
Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil
Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash

 AND, finally:

Therapie Roques Oneil Himalayan Detox Salt.

I have to admit that is a lot for £49.95 and I am really excited but there are certain products that make me most excited, i.e, the ESPA serum and voucher, Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream and the Leighton Denny nail varnish but also products I am less excited to see such as the Weleda Skin food and Dr Lipp lip balm but mainly because I have products I prefer. But all in all I believe it is money well spent.

More info can be found here about this goliath of an advent calender.

Lovelula facecare and cosmetics box

I have to admit that after a few disappointing boxes recently the shine has gone off the whole beauty box concept for me but I am quite happy to order a box that shows me what is in it.

In that spirit I ordered the lovelula facecare and cosmetic box this month and it was £9 all in which made me very happy. So what made me order it?

The first item in my bag is a foil sample that holds 5ml of John Masters organics linden blossom face creme cleanser for dry/mature skin. Perfect for my skin and a generous sample although being a foil sample will have to use it in one go.

The second item is 5g of the Toned Day Cream by Dr Hauschka. It blends quite well into my extremely pale skin and being so pale helps as it has to be used sparingly so as to blend held. It has a pleasant smell and texture and I will enjoy using it. It costs £27.45 for 30ml so the 5g has a good value of about £4.57 so almost the value of half of what I paid.

The third item is an inika brow pencil in brunette beauty. I have to admit I love this brands pencils as they have a tiny pencil sharpener on the other end. I am especially happy as this is one of the only eye make up items I can use as my eye sight is nearly non existent without my glasses on. It costs £13.50 on it's own so is a bargain as box was only £9 incl. postage.

The fourth item is 25ml of the Green People Gentle Cleanse and Make Up remover. This product has a mild scent and a thick texture so a little goes a long way and it is made from 91.6% certified organic ingredients. This costs £4.97 in the lovelula store on it's own.

The last item in my bag is 7.5ml of the Lavera Moisturising creme. It smells amazing and a little goes a long way so the 7.5ml would last a while. This cost £10.45 for 50ml in store so the sample is worth about £1.50.

This is a great box well worth the £9 I paid and is great if you want to try out new brands. It has now sold out on their site as these boxes are limited edition but all so far have been amazing value. It really has put my confidence back in LoveLula.

Miss glossybox November/December 2013

I have to admit I forgot about this box this month as I used my glossydots this months so didn't worry about paying it and I am still reeling from my disappointing Birchbox and spent the weekend typing up a storm from NaNoWiMo. But here is my Nov/Dec 13 Miss Glossybox.

Five item here. Although my eyeliner/eye shadow is hiding by the body spray. It looks a good selection and the wraps are happily recieved as they look funky on and it means I don't constantly worry about chipping my polish on my now unbitten nails (broke my biting habit a month and a half now).

The first item in the box are the Little Mix Nail Wraps created by Elegant Touch.  They have funky patterns on them and look quite good. According to the info sheet you can purchase one set for £6 from the online shops of newlook, boots and superdrug.  There are 20 nail wraps in the packet.

The second item is a 50ml can of So...? brit body fragrance. It has a nice scent of vanilla, rose and amber and is feminine but funky. I like this a lot and I'm surprised as I am 31 year old and hardly the target market but it is very nice. It costs £1.69 for 75ml so sample is worth £1.12.

The third item is a jelly pong pong eyeliner/shadow 2 in 1. Mine is in the bronze shade and that is a delicious orangey brown. It is full size and costs £10.50 from jellypongpong.com

Fourth item is 177ml of Breakout clearing foaming wash by dermologica clear start. It retails at £13 at clearstart.com. Sadly I can't review this well as even as a teen I rarely had spots but I am guessing it would be great for the target audience of miss glossybox.

The last item is a 2ml sample of lacoste touch of pink. It smells quite nice and doesn't have a sickly sweet smell. It is a decent size sample but still a concession sample.

I like this box and the contents are worth over £30 yet the box cost me nothing as I used my glossydots. It would have cost £9.95 and even then it would be well worth it. More details on mis glossybox can be found here. My only real gripe is that it wasn't a christmas themed box.