18 December 2015

Day thirteen non beauty advent calendars

Back to my reviews and hopefully I can get more up to date today. But back to the subject in question and these are my day 13 nonbeauty advent calendars.
Here is what I received in them:

First is smiggle which has an interesting shaped aperture.

Inside is a monster design bouncy ball. I think my son will really like it and it is really really cute. I particularly like the winking monster in the very centre with the horns. Strangely it makes me think of naughty children.

Next is tinc and very happily has an item.

Another nice item which is a keyring of a Christmas tree on which you can write your name on the back. This will be lovely for next year to put on my sons bag to label it.
This is great and I'm really happy that I have actually received an item in the advent calendar today.
Maybe I am easily pleased.

The final advent calendar I will review for the 13th is the busy bees candles advent calendar.

Inside is a scent melt in the scent Christmas orange. To me this smells a bit like satsumas and to me satsumas are a big memory of Christmas. A satsuma was something we received in our stocking every Christmas as a child and that is a good memory for me so this brings me back to my childhood.
A great scent and one of my favourite of this advent calendar so far.

So, there are my items for my non beauty advent calendars and for me the bouncy ball would come first followed by the Christmas tree followed by the scent melt.
All in all it is a very good day and I really like that I have received three items from my three advent calendars.
I think I'm easily pleased.

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