6 December 2015

Day six multi brand advent calendars

After issue with my non beauty advent calendars I'm hoping that this will be better than that. 
I'm quite enjoying my multibrand advent calendars so I'm really looking forward to unboxing my lookfantastic, you beauty, and Marks & Spencer advent calendars.
So, here are the items for 6 December.

First today is look fantastic.

Inside is an item that has been in many beauty boxes. This is the initial certified organic eyeliner in the shade 05 black caviar.
It is handcrafted with natural plant ingredients and mineral colour blends and has a soft and creamy texture that according to the website will wear all day without smudging.
I have to admit that I don't wear eyeliner pencils and in general my eyeliner pencils go to my aunt, as will this one.
But my aunt will enjoy it and it's nice to have a full-sized item in a usable.
This is worth £13.50. This is full-size.

The next item today comes from you beauty.

These are bath salts from ila and are beyond organic according to the packaging. These are made from Himalayan salt crystal with wild crafted Juniperberry and geranium. They weigh 50g and the main ingredients are the salt crystals, lavender oil, Rose geranium oil, Juniper berry oil, lemon grass oil and patchouli oil.
According to the website they are for helping anyone who is tired and stressed, great for Christmas, and also great for joint pain and arthritis. There are also other benefits of the oils such as helping to cleanse the body, stimulate circulation and leave the skin soft.
For the 50 g that we have received they are worth about £4.90.

Next is the Marks & Spencer advent calendar.

In the box today is a 15ml bottle of their Nuit perfume. This has a strong floral scent that also includes musk as well as Rose and Jasmine.
To be honest this is a very strong scent and would be better suited to my mother's tastes because I tend to like sweeter scents so it will probably be given to her as part of her Christmas present.
This is worth about seven pounds.

There are my multi brand advent calendar items for the sixth of December.
These have been quite good and one will go to my mother and one will go to my aunt and I will use the bath salts myself. 

Nice day though and I look forward to tomorrow's items.


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