11 December 2015

day nine multi brand advent calendars

Day nine was another great win day but if you have watched my YouTube video you know that my big fat thumb managed to make one big mistake.
However the company involved are sending out a new sample which is really good but I will get into that more when I get to the sample in question.
Here are my day and nine items from my multibrand advent calendars.

The first advent calendar today is the Marks & Spencer advent calendar.

The item today is the laboratoires filorga time filler which according to the packaging is an absolute wrinkles correction cream. It's probably aimed at someone older than I am and will be given to my mother. It is 15ml.
According to m and s website this product limits muscular contractions  and relaxes the skin. It also gives deeper diffusion and a visible filling effect and after just three days the product is supposed to reduce the appearance of frown lines by 19%.
I'll have to see how my mother likes it.

The next advent calendar today is look fantastic.

In the calendar today is this cult51 item. 
That is the night cream from what I can work out from the lookfantastic email.
According to the cult51 website this is 10ml sample of the night cream which will help to the new restore and reveal the best skin you can have.
According to the description this cream has notes of gardenia which  is also blended with muguet, Jasmine, Rose and patchouli and will nourish the skin. And when you wake up your complexion is supposed to be naturally radiant, perfectly plump and evenly toned and it will also significant reduction in all the signs of ageing.

I have to admit that I had a blunder with the cream as I managed to stick my big fat thumb in it when I was unboxing my advent calendar. But thankfully the company have contacted me and actually will send me another sample of the cream so I would not have to use the one where my thumb is imprinted into it. I think this is a really nice gesture and I will definitely look forward to using it as I love my night creams.

Final advent calendar today is you beauty.

This was a wide and long aperture and inside was the ESPA gift. This contained a £15 gift card for ESPA with no minimum spend and a 8ml sample of their pro-Serum. 
I've used this one before and actually found that it made my skin a lot softer and also added moisture to my skin.
According to the back of the bottle this is a revitalising and nourishing serum which will give naturally beautiful skin. And it says that you will help brighten and even skintone, enhance your elasticity and protect against premature ageing.
I did really enjoy it and I might get a nice gift set with the gift card.

Here are all my items today and to be honest all in all it has been a very good day. I look forward to using the night cream and will also look forward to using the serum but I will give the line filler to my mother though.
No offence mum.


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