22 December 2015

day twenty single brand advent calendars

Here are my day 20 single brand Advent calendars.
These are Ciate and Clarins.

Another elaborately decorated door for day 20.

Inside is the Nail gym treatment from Ciate.
According to their website this is a treatment with patented Hexanal as well as Advanced oxygen technology to give you strong, toned and healthy looking nails.

Next is Clarins 

This contains Clarins extra comfort antipollution cleansing cream in a 5 mL size. I really do like cleansing creams and cleansing milks so I really look forward to using this.

The Clarins website says that this is a cleanser that will help with removing traces of pollution for those who live in the city. It will also nourish, soften and hydrate as well as restore the skin's natural balance and youthfullness. It will also remove make up and impurities and provide ultimate comfort to the skin.

Another good day for my single brand advent calendars. I will also enjoy the cleansing cream as creams are my preferred type of cleanser. My fingernails will also like the treatment as they can get brittle and anything to add strength is a bonus.
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