22 December 2015

day sixteen single brand advent calendars

I have to admit that having a wide range of nail varnishes is nice but I'm not sure how many of these I will use and now I'm not sure that would buy this advent calendar again but it's nice to have the Ciate.
It is also nice to have the Clarins this year.
It is a day 16 of my advent calendars for single brands.

First is a Ciate today and we can see some of the London buildings.

The Ciate today is a glitter nail topper and it is in Miracle on 34th.
The only real issue I have with these toppers is that they are quite messy when you use them because I have no funnel or anything like that. I have to admit I haven't used one before and I'm not sure whether that one will be used or not. To be honest if I want to use glitter I tend to use it suspended in the varnish because it is a lot less messy and easy to use.
This is a gold glitter and I think for someone who likes to do nail art it would be absolutely perfect.

And then there is Clarins.

Inside is this 3ml sample of the Eye contour gel from Clarins.
It says that this helps with dark circles and puffiness which is great for Christmas. It's also great because I've been ill and my dark circles seemed to have gained dark circles. So I will enjoy using this and seeing how well it works.
According to the Clarins website this is a cooling, non oily Gel which minimises the look of puffiness and dark circles. 
It says it is refreshing, hydrating and resting for the delicate skin around the eyes. 
Ingredients include wild Rose and concentrated rose water as well as Palmetto. 
These ingredients help to drain toxins, soften, smooth, hydrate, refresh, rest and also decongest and tone the eyelids. 
It also is very good but I'm not sure how well it worked and with such a small sample I'm not sure that I would buy it anyway from using the small sample.

Those are my single brand beauty items to be honest neither thrill me completely. I think my preference would be the eye gel then topper though.
Thank you for reading

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