22 December 2015

Day eighteen non beauty advent calendars

And we are onto the day 18 non beauty advent calendars.
To be honest I think that non-Beauty advent calendars are slowly starting to grow on me and I am actually enjoying the items that I am receiving, especially from the stationary advent calendars. Granted that some days that tinc doesn't give me an item but I know that on Christmas Day can take off the back of the advent calendar and it will reveal all the items that I should've got and it will feel a little like an extra Christmas present.
That's enough of that, though, and here are my day 18 non-beauty items.

The first advent calendar is Smiggle.

I love that there was a lollipop shaped aperture and inside was this beautiful and colourful pink and purple eraser lollipop. I know that my son will enjoy this and if I want to keep it I will have to hide it from him. Which I may well do.

Next is from busy bee candles. And on the door today is a snow print. Which is really nice and festive.
Unfortunately, we seem to have warmer weather now so I think it is very unlikely we'll going to get a white Christmas.

This one smells floral to me and is the scent 'real Christmas'.
This confuses me as for me the real Christmas shouldn't smell floral and to be honest it smells rather like an air freshener. Not really my type of scent and I'm not sure whether it is my sense of smell that is off or whether it is actually a floral scent.
But to be honest I'm not sure that I will even burn this one if it still smells floral when I get round to burning it.

The Final advent calendar is tinc and for day 18 there is another Christmas tree print.

Inside is a small red, yellow and white stocking eraser. This will probably go to my son as I think it will be great when he starts school.

There are my day 18 items and for me it was a very good day in the most part.
My favourite would probably be the eraser lollipop followed by the stocking then followed by the scent melt.
It is quite unfortunate though that the scent melt is in a very strange scent. For me I can't compute why this is called real Christmas went to me it is a floral scent.
Hopefully though the day 19 scent melt will be more to my liking though.
Thank you for reading

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