20 November 2013

Flavourly November 2013

My Flavourly box for November arrived today and on opening it I noticed it was heavy and very full.

The first product is the Mr. Fitzpatrick's Temperance Drinks Blood Tonic Cordial 500ml. This looks great and will be good for me as I rarely drink and it is hard to find grown up soft drinks.
This costs £4 at the maker's store.

The second product is 45g of On the pulse Fiery Spanish Chilli Giant Roasted Corn Nuts. These should be fun. I love spicy food and nuts so they should be perfect for me.
These are £1 a pack on the maker's site.

The third product is 40g of Taste Spice chicken rub with aromatic bay & thyme. We had a rub from this company and enjoyed it so I will probably enjoy this one too. It only has natural ingredients with paprika, garlic, onion, celery seeds, thyme, peeper, bay and sea salt.
This costs £2.75 on the maker's site.

The fourth product is 20g of Perry Court Farm air dried apple crisps: sweet. The only ingredient is apple and they only have 70 calories so would be great shared between me and my two year old son as a healthy snack.
These cost 50p a packet

The fifth product is 250g of On the pulse Baked Beans Mexican Chipotle Bean Bag. These only have natural ingredients and will be great to test as the whole family love baked beans and these are great as they are low salt and high fibre.

This cost £1.50 on the maker's site.

The sixth product is 60g of Inspiral Loveberry Superfruit Bites. These are raw snack bites that release energy slowly are 100% natural and gluten free. Another great snack for me and my son.
These are £1.39 a bag on the maker's site.

The seventh product is 50g of MunchySeeds Choccy Apricot. These were a great taste gold winner in 2010. They are belgian chocolate coated sunflower & pumpkin seeds with apricot and they are high in fibre, zinc, vitamin e and calcium. They look really good.
These are £1.50 on the maker's site.

The eighth product is 60g of Bird & Wild Organic Ground Coffee from Yeti farm Ethiopia. This is a great taste winner in 2013 and as I love coffee I look forward to trying it especially as I want to see if it being organic affects the taste.
It is worth about £1.20.

The products are worth approx.£13.84 so more than the box cost minus postage. All in all a good box with products I am interested in but not ones I would routinely buy.


  1. Nice! I love checking out my flavourly box against the retail prices and it usually comes to around £18, you've saved me that task this month, I think its a good deal especially since most of the stuff isn't your run of the mill supermarket garbage so it can be difficult to find on your own. You should try the cordial with hot water, its scrumptious!

  2. On the pulse Baked Beans Mexican Chipotle Bean Bag is really REALLY hot and not very nice

    1. not tried it yet but i dont really sense extreme heat