29 March 2014

LJH Doctor's Care+ facial mask sheet tea tree

The LHJ Doctor's Care+ facial mask sheet tea tree is a sebum controlling mask for people with troubled skin. 
It contains tea tree, centrella asiatic extract and ginkgo leaf extract and these ingredients help to leave the skin feel refreshed and thoroughly cleansed and keeps skin issues at bay.

I used this last night and here I can tell you how I feel about it. I have to admit that this is the first ever sheet mask that I have used as I don't really see them on sale in the UK, however they seem to appear in a lot of my Memeboxes. 

27 March 2014

Memebox lucky box #1

My memebox lucky box one turned up Tuesday after talking a prolonged vacation in incheon but I am extremely happy to receive it as I have seen spoilers on the makeup talk forums.
It arrived in the usual pink bag and I love that as it is so girly.

Souksouk March 2014 (sadly, my last one for a little while)

My March Souksouk box was collected from the post office today after a few issues with Royal Mail. I have seen other people's boxes and really looked forward to receiving it as it was mine kind of box as I like a good mix of my products and this one has a good mix.

25 March 2014

Love me beauty March 2014

This is my March Love Me Beauty box that I collected from the post office this morning. The first one got lost and I think this the replacement but I never can be sure with Royal Mail. I am still loving this subscription service and have boxes up to June due to my subscription being prepaid and three lovely blog readers signing up with my link.
Thank you ever so much!

24 March 2014

Notanotherbill march 2014

My notanotherbill package came last week after nine days in the post. Not a fan of Royal Mail atm and this is one of the main reasons.
I like the packaging this month as the zig zag pattern is really cute.

Lootcrate march 2014

Alongside the nerdblock I have signed up for three months of Lootcrate to compare it against and this is my first Lootcrate of the subscription. I knew ahead of time that this was a Titan box and thought Paul would enjoy the t shirt so I ordered.
But, what did I receive in this box?

Nerdblock jr girls March 2014

This is the third and final nerd block I received this month. This is the Nerd Block for girls and I bought it for myself and for the little one.
So, what did I get?

Nerdblock march 2014

I received my first nerd block this month and was really excited to receive it as I have seen previous unboxings so I know that past ones have always been great value for my money.
But, what did I get in my March Nerd Block?

Nerdblock jr boys edt. March 2014

So, I have a lot of stashed beauty now so I wanted to try something different so when I saw nerd block in three different versions I realised that filling my house with nerdy goodies really appealed so I signed up to both junior boxes as well as the adult version.

Memebox #7 review

My memebox seven arrived on Friday and despite knowing what was in it, or maybe due to that, I was extremely excited as the memeboxes have been great so far and reading about this one on makeup talk made me want in as soon as possible.
Thankfully DHL delivery fast and now I have it.

22 March 2014

Birchbox shop order

I had a birchbox birthday code to use as well as twenty pounds of points to use so I couldn't help but buy some birchbox full sized items this month.

21 March 2014

Glossybox march 2014 (my last one)

Well, I finally decided to do this review. I received my last glossybox a few days ago via Royal Mail, which I hate, and I have now decided to do this review after brooding for a few days and procrastinating with my other 'projects'.
I have to warn this isn't a good review so if you don't like negative nelly don't read on.

20 March 2014

Soap & glory peaches and clean cleanser review

After using up my other soap and glory cleanser and loving it I decided to use the much hyped up peaches & clean next as I really wanted to see whether it was any good and whether I would like it as much as the face, soap and clarity, which I loved.
So how did I feel about peaches & clean?

19 March 2014

John Frieda Frizz ease review

At the beginning of March I received a few products from John Frieda frizz ease free from bzz agent and I have been loving using these and wanted to recommend them to you if, like me, you have curly frizzy hair.
I was sent four products by bzz agent to try and give an honest review of and these were the unwind curls calming creme, dream curls conditioner, dream curls shampoo and the miraculous recovery creme serum.

Lipfactory march 2014

I have cancelled some subs but some I have restarted, such as this one. I first experience lipfactory in July but quit after one box and after seeing that it was all lips in march I couldn't help but sign up as I had just cancelled glossybox and then a few days ago cancelled wantable, following the whole blusher/bronzer and coral/nude debacle. 
But I am glad to say this month I have loved my lipfactory.
But, as per normal, what did I get? 
Let me show you.

Yves Rocher order (again)

I got another Yves Rocher order this week and was really happy that I got all of this for about a tenner and the delivery was really fast which was great.
So what did I order?

16 March 2014

Memebox superbox #1

My memebox superbox #1 arrived on Monday and I have been a bit lazy doing the review of my birthday present from my in laws but after admiring the products in the box I have decided to do the review.

14 March 2014

Edward mothercare sale and next new season clothes haul

Last couple of days the weather has turned so I have been looking forward to the summer and Edward's birthday in September so I have started to restock his wardrobe with some size three to four clothing for him to grow into and some warmer weather clothes ready for spring and summer.
Add in the fact that mothercare is having a clothing sale and the items are buy one get one half price and I can't resist.

13 March 2014

Wantable makeup March 2014

My March box arrived a few days ago from America and I was really excited to receive it as last months makeup box was really nice and the boxes are really customised which is great as I won't get items that I hate like eyeliners or bronzers or things I don't need like more nail varnishes.

12 March 2014

Birchbox UK March 2014

I got my birchbox today a little while after a lot of other bloggers and on opening I agree that it is odd that from the outside it is only the sleeve that would tell you that this is the Lulu Guinness box.

11 March 2014

Youbeautydiscovery march 2014

I had issues with payment with youbeautydiscovery this month and very nearly didn't buy but I am really glad I did resolve it as the box arrived yesterday and I am really happy with all I received. 

7 March 2014

Astrid and Miyu secret box March 2014

I am completely in love my astrid & miyu ring that I received in my January notanotherbill package so when I saw that astrid & miyu had a quarterly subscription, their 'secret box', I couldn't resist as I found the ring classic and high quality and much prefer classic jewellery to the costume jewellery in most of the other jewellery subscription services.

5 March 2014

Five February favourites

After having loads of empties this month I decided to only have five favourites this month, especially as these are all new products to me and I couldn't find much I was enthused about that I haven't mentioned in favourites or in depth in reviews before, like the youthmud. 
Although I will be doing a big review of the youthmud capturing it to it's big sister soon as hubby is buying me both for Mother's Day so it hasn't been completely forgotten.