23 December 2015

Day sixteen multi brand advent calendars

Here are my day 16 items for my multibrand Advent calendars.

First today is youbeauty.

Inside are these 'The vintage cosmetic company' slanted tweezers. For me this is not an item which thrills me as I don't use tweezers so I am not sure what I will do with these.
They are really pretty tweezers though so for someone who wants a pair these would be really nice. 

Next is lookfantastic.

Inside today is this Magnifibres treatment primer. 
This is product to form a perfect base for your mascara.
Apparently it helps to make the mascara easier to apply as well as hydrating and nourishing the lashes as well as making lashes thicker and silkier. This can also be used as a standalone eyelash conditioner.

The final advent calendar is Marks and Spencer and inside the box is this Radial dragon's blood sculpting gel 15ml.
According to the rodial website this is an anti ageing gel that volumises and defines facial contours by plumping sagging skin. This happens by stimulating the production of collagen to make skin feel more lifted and firm. This also contains a unique dragons blood complex which would also reduce redness and will firm up the skin too.
Sounds like a great product and I will look forward to using this.

All three of these items are interesting but my favourite would be the dragons blood sculpting gel followed by the primer and then followed by the tweezers.
I'm not sure what I will do the tweezers yet as I don't tend to use them but they are an interesting item to have and are really pretty.

Thank you for reading

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