8 December 2015

Day eight multi brand

Some calendars seem to get better and better and at the moment I think that those are the multi brand advent calendars.
And today is another fab day.

First advent calendar today is lookfantastic and from the door I can see that going to be a tea related body lotion.

And inside of the advent calendar is a bubble T hibiscus and acai berry restoring body lotion. It is in a 100ml size and is a blend of hibiscus and goji berry that helps to give the body lotion a restoring fragrance to hydrate the skin and it also contains a unique antioxidant blend to deliver nourishment to the skin.
This has not been tested on animals and is paraben free.

Next advent calendar today is from Marks & Spencer and this has a very minimalist box today with just a number and holly.

It contains 30ml of the pure super grape day cream. This is a marks and spencer brand, I think, and it has a light texture and a slight fruity scent.
According to the Marks & Spencer website this day cream will smoothe, hydrate and protect the skin. It will also, according to the site, promote younger looking skin, a brighter complexion as well as improving skin radiance and is also anti-ageing and made in the UK. It is also not tested on animals.
One of the main ingredient seen the cream is also made from the crushed pulp left over from the production of the M and S wine.

The final multi brand advent calendar today is Youbeautydiscovery, which was my favourite calendar for the last two years before this one and seems to be really good again this year.
It's a small aperture today but that doesn't necessarily mean that this is going to be a bad item because a lot of the skincare tend to be smaller apertures and that is where my interest really lies.

Inside the advent calendar today is a pot of the heaven bee venom eyes.
Looking at the heaven skincare website information it says that this product contains shea butter, rose and lavender essential oil and river silt and that these products will help to combat the signs of ageing particulars focus on the eyes. 
According to the website the river silt is full of amino acid's and bentonite which helps to remove impurities and toxins from the skin.

So, there are my items for today and for me it has been a very good day with a day moisturiser and an eye cream as well as a body lotion and all look really good and are really good sized samples.
Thank you for reading And I hope you are having a lovely day


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