18 December 2015

Day fifteen single brand advent calendars

Okay here are my day 15 Advent calendars for the single brands.
These are for Clarins and Ciate. 
Thank you for your patience and sorry that I have been running behind on these.

First is Ciate and we can see the London Eye on this door.
I have to admit that I do really like the London theme.

Inside is in a dark blue colour and this polish is in the shade birthday blue.
It would be a lovely colour in the winter and the autumn.
However, I think I would even use it in the spring and summer because I really like it and I can find dark reds and black to be a bit jarring on my light skin but I tend to like blues if I want a darker colour and this one is fab

Next is Clarins and it is a small aperture today.

Inside is 10 mL of their toning lotion with chamomile.
This is for normal or dry skin and is alcohol free.

According to the Clarins website this is a good toning lotion as it stimulates and refreshes the skin but also helps balance pH and moisture. It is also enriched with chamomile, alpine herbs and linden extracts to soften, smooth and calm irritations on the skin.

I really like toners and I really look forward to using this and on a cotton pad I probably get three or 4+ applications from it which is great.
Not sure that I would buy the full-size though as I really really like the secret key ones that I use already now and they are my holy grail
Additionally, they do not cost anywhere near as much as this one does, which is a definite bonus.

There are my day 15 single brand advent calendars and for me it's another good day as both are items that I will use.
But for me my preference would be the nail varnish today. I probably would like the toner more if it was a slightly larger size but then again the advent calendar would probably the more expensiveif  it was a larger size.

Thank you for reading this review.
I hope you are having a lovely day.


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