16 December 2015

Day eleven multi brand advent calendars

Here are my day 11 items for my multi brand advent calendars.

The first advent calendar unboxed is look fantastic.

Inside are these Eylure eyelashes.
These are the number 35 lengthening eyelashes and apparently these will give every day subtle style.
I have to admit that I can't actually wear these because I have problems with my eyesight but these look really nice and I think for someone who can then they would be a really nice thing to receive.
I also know that a lot of people really love the eylure brand and that they actually do cost a fair amount, so a good value item to receive, and are a full-size item so I really think good item for one day in your advent Calendar.

Next is Marks & Spencer and we have a nice pink box today with a simple number on. This is quite a light box and it makes me wonder what is inside.

Inside is a small sample of this Josh Wood full bodied shampoo. This is 15ml and is a Marks & Spencer manufactured item.
To me this doesn't have a strong scent although the ingredients don't really thrill me. I think this is also aimed at people with coloured hair because it says guardian of colour and also has rice protein in the product but the rice protein is very far down the ingredient list.
According to the Marks & Spencer's website this is developed for coloured hair and is formulated with rice protein and is also rich in amino acids and peptides to help protect, add shine and volume to lifeless hair. It is also made in the UK and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. this is also suitable for all skin types.
A bit meh for me.

The final advent calendar today is youbeauty.

Inside is a full size Lipcote.
This looks quite nice and is according to the packaging the original lipstick sealer.
According to the description this stops your lipstick smudging, feathering, fading and is also kiss proof.
Looks quite interesting because I do have problems sometimes with my lipstick smudging so it will be a very good product to try.

So there are my items today and for me probably my favourite would be the lipcote. I am probably going to follow that with the eyelashes because I think they will make a lovely present for somebody that could use them then the shampoo.
The Shampoo doesn't really thrill me because it's just shampoo and hair care isn't really my big obsession as that generally is skincare and make up. 

Thank you for reading.

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