31 January 2015

Memebox is finishing shipping to all but Korea, US and China.

Morning all. 
I know that most of you who are Memebox customers may already know that memebox global have decided to not ship to anyone other than the U.S. after mid February.
But I wanted to make sure that all that read my blog were made aware of the fact who didn't receive the email.

Personally I think the U.S. is going to see more and more beauty boxes that centre on Korean products opening as Memebox has created a demand and they will have fun competing but that is my opinion. 

But as for me, the love of kbeauty is definitely not going to end there. I may well sign up for beauteque  but I can say with certainty that I will definitely continue to purchase products from places like beautynetkorea and testerkorea.
I hope all are fine and well today.
Sending all lots of love.


28 January 2015

Nerdblock Classic january 2015

The final box I need to review from this month's subscription boxes so far is my Nerdblock Classic. Nerd block is a monthly subscription of nerdy geeky products and it also always has a T-shirt inside it, sometimes two.
I find that this box is good or bad depending on the month and we mainly get it so my husband can have the T-shirt but we have so many T-shirts now that we don't need any more. 
So this will be my last box for a while.

So this month is probably my least favourite box for a  while so sadly I am not going out from this sub on a bang and instead it's going out on a whimper.
Here are the contents of the January 2015 box.

22 January 2015

Lovelula January 2015

It seems to be an odd month for subscription boxes and the first box I got this month was lovelula which surprised me a little. 
Normally it is a very good box but after receiving three boxes this I actually rate it over the other two. 
Well I did until I looked more at the ingredients in this box.
Here was what was in it:

Beauteque head to toe milk bag

For me this is an odd bag where I find it difficult to separate some issues with shipping and the actual bag.
I actually ordered this on the 1st January and it arrived on 21st of January, a lot later than lots of people's bags. 
The reason behind this is that one of the products was out of stock.
Personally I believe that they shouldn't have offered this product if they did not have stock available or they should've offered to exchange it for the other product earlier when they realise there was an issue or at least contacted us earlier than 15 January. 
But I'll get back to the back of the bag is actually really good.

Birchbox January 2015

I normally really enjoy my birchboxes but this month birchbox has been really poor. 
The fact that it is so poor is really disappointing. 
I'll show you what I've got as I know for others it might be a good box but for me it definitely wasn't. 
Here are my items:

My little energy box my little box January 2015

Generally this is my favourite box but this month I have to admit the accessories aren't very good.
Thankfully, the beauty products do compensate for the fact that the accessories aren't very good but I think that if they weren't as good as they were I would've cancelled this month.
But I will show you what is in this box and then you can make your own mind up whether this box appeals to you or not.
So here is what is in my little energy box:

21 January 2015

Current skincare/ bodycare/ haircare to use up as part of my #projectpan

As well as the makeup items I have also identified some general hair/body/skincare items that I want to finish up.
This is either because I have multiples of the same item, the item is half finished or I really want to try it.
Although most are the first two options, or a combo of those two.

But here are my items for the other part of my project pan and although there isn't as many as in the cosmetics project pan there are still quite few.

17 January 2015

Make up Products to use up this year (2015) #projectpan #projectuseitup

Although I will still doing the beauty boxes this year, and have just signed up for pink parcel, I will also be doing a project pan this year to clear out and use some of the products in my stash alongside a low buy, by mostly buying essentials and beauty boxes this year.

This will also be a rolling project pan so when I finish up a few products I will add more to the line up.
So, here I will show you the items which are in my first ever project pan and will give an update once a month on what I have finished.
I have quite a few products and below I name everything I hope to finish this year in terms of makeup (skincare etc are in a separate post):

13 January 2015

Advent calendar contents and summary

I really enjoyed doing the advent calendars for 2014 and found it useful as I now have lots of products to use and it also meant I could see the value of the advent calendars ready for 2015.
Here are my summaries for each (except Yankee candles) and some of my thoughts on each.

12 January 2015

Day 24 advent calendars (and one day 25 item)

Here are my christmas eve/christmas day items from my advent calendars.

Day 23 advent calendar

Only two more advent days to write then I am up to date.
Sorry for the lack of posts/ long gap but trying to get back to optimal health... Which might be about june.
But sorry to go off on a tangent. Here is the day 23 entry for my advent calendars.

Day 22 advent calendars

Another advent calendar entry and another good day for me with products I will use. Will definitely be hard to decide order of preference today as they are mostly great with one making me really excited.

9 January 2015

Day 21 advent calendar

I am slowly getting through the backlog of my advent calendar days and I am finding that the last few days seem to add a lot of nice products to my stash and day 21 seems to be no different with a serum, highlighter, brush, tea light and s eyeliner, which my aunt will enjoy.

Day 20 advent calendars

Day 20 is a lot more fun than day 19 and it is a day which offers good value in all the advent calendars.
But what did I get?

Day 19 Advent Calendars

Sorry, this is a little late but this will be the first of my updates on the advent calendars. I will return where I left off when I exited and then sum up each one as I did actually originally purchase all five to assess value for money.
Here is day 19 though.

4 January 2015

Happy New Year all... I'm back.

I thought I'd welcome you all back and thankyou for your support over the last year and especially over advent, when I suddenly disappeared.
I did leave a note but now I am back and feeling a little better and before I start trying to catch up on advent and other December posts I want to wish you all happy Christmas (better late than never) and I hope you all had a great new year.