8 December 2015

Day seven non beauty advent calendars

And as well as my beauty advent calendars  as I have also unboxed  my non beauty calendars today. I'm glad though that today I have received all three items for my non-beauty advent calendars however I know all the people haven't but here's what I received today:

But first to the wax. Here is my Busy Bee Candles Advent calendar.

Today is the melt in the scent mince pies.
To me, this has a sweet scent as you can smell the pastry but I can also smell the spice and the fruit in this advent calendar scent. 
A really complex and beautiful scent that will be lovely to burn.

And onto my most irritating advent calendar this year and that is tinc. Today is a small aperture.

Today is a small blue pencil sharpener. It's very hard to get excited about a new pencil sharpener but at least my item did not fall down the back like somebody else's I spoke to on Twitter.
I have to admit that I still think it is very mean-spirited not to have the plastic tray in the back of the advent calendar because it will stop tears of any children opening this calendar and finding empty doors.
I have to admit that I have tried to contact and they seem to be ignoring me.
And the absence of the plastic tray does not make me warm to this company either.

The final non-beauty advent calendar that I will unbox today is smiggle. 

So today is a small red marker. It's really small but it is really really cute and I really like the item today.

So, there are my non beauty items today and all in all I am pretty satisfied with what I have got. Although the pencil sharpener is not exciting I will use it and I really also like the mince pies wax melt and the red marker.
Roll on tomorrow

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